April Fool’s!

Happy April 2nd!

First off, we’d like to officially confirm yesterday’s post as an April Fools post.

The heads at STR got together a couple of days ago to figure out what to run for April Fools. Many ideas were thrown around, and the idea of a 3rd Strike Revival really stuck, as we’ve gotten a few inquiries about running Revivals for 3rd Strike over the past year. We raced to piece it together and have it ready.

We assure you that no ill will was intended toward the 3S community. We have long respected 3S as a game and recognized the passion within the 3S community. It was a very natural thing for us to wonder why no 3S player movement has developed to rally the community and get 3S back into the FGC spotlight. We hope this inspires someone in the 3S community to start a 3S Revival, which is something we would enjoy seeing.

Until that day, when the 3S Community surges forth and takes its place on the stage once more, we salute you 3S. In the spirit of the 3S community and dedication, make sure to check out some of the best 3rd Strike resources on the net, and soak in some 3S love:

TheShend’s Amazing 3S youtube channel

The SRK 3rd Strike forums