Grandmaster Challenge – Episode 1 May 13th

From Arkadeum Studios in Los Angeles, CA, this is The Grandmaster Challenge!
Where two contestants will dare face our grandmasters of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in a battle for the highscore and bragging rights.
Bring your best character & prepare to fight the Gladiators for Episode One: 0men, kuroppi, and Hyphenated! (Edit: Shotosallday is unable to attend.  0men, who is an alternate will take his place.)
Our special pilot episode will feature contestants DNGR S PAPERCUT & Fromo. Both Blanka players will compete for the title “Best Blanka of GGPO” as they will battle each gladiator in a first to five set.  As an extra bonus, the loser will vow to retire their favorite color.  In this case, it’s the Black & Red Blanka at stake and neither contestant intends to give it up!
Sign up to be a contestant on a future episode, contact or post on the SRK thread
Special thanks to DNGR S PAPERCUT and Sergjiev for organizing this.
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