Grandmaster Challenge Episode 1 Video & Results

The first episode of the Grandmaster Challenge is in the books. (Video archive above)
DNGR S PAPERCUT took on Fromo in a battle against our three gladiators/grandmasters: 0men, kuroppi and Hyphenated.
RESULTS and ***SPOILERS*** (for those who haven’t seen it yet) below:
0men (Boxer) W Fromo (Blanka) – (5-0)
0men (Boxer) W Papercut (Blanka) – (5-0)
kuroppi (Honda) W Fromo (Blanka) – (5-0)
kuroppi (Honda) W Papercut (Blanka) – (5-0)
Hyphenated (Fei Long) W Fromo (Blanka) – (5-0)
Hyphenated (Fei Long) W Papercut (Blanka) – (5-1)
It was a tough day for our contestants as they lost every set but in the end, Papercut with his win over Hyphenated takes the victory for the day the title of the “Best Blanka of GGPO” for now.  And with the special stipulations for this episode, Fromo has to retire his (short button) red and grey colored Blanka.
Join us for the next episode in two weeks!
To sign up to be a contestant on a future episode, contact or post on the SRK thread
Special thanks to DNGR S PAPERCUT and Sergjiev for organizing this series.


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