Street Fighter 2 World Map

Isimorn, a French ST player created a world-wide map with locations for ST and other versions of SF2.  He included arcades (game centers), major and minor tournaments and more.

He created a thread on SRK asking for feedback to add more locations, which you can find here:

Here’s what he had to say with his announcement:

“Hi everyone ! I’m Isimorn, french ST player and I’ve worked on this map ! The objective was to see any location on the map where you can play SSF2X in France, but then I could not stop my self to the borders of France, so it’s now a mother fucking World Map ! You will find on this map any location where you can play this serie : Hyper Fighting, Champion Edition, Super, Super Turbo, 2X and HDRemix ! On this map, there are Gamecenters, conventions, rankings, private sessions, minor and major tournaments, etc… any kind of event, anything that can help you play with people face to face near to you !

But here is my problem : the world is just too big for me and I can’t find every locations ! So I need your help here on this forum, any information will be appreciated to complete this world map!”

You can view the map here:


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