UD-CPS2 is a “consolized” CPS2 (Capcom Play System 2) created by Brian “Undamned” Grissom and was recently featured at THE ST GAMES at EVO 2013.  Basically the key components of a supergun (power, video, controller interface) have all been integrated into the CPS2 main board, allowing it to become as streamlined as any other home game console.  There are about 40 game titles available for CPS2, all of which can run on UD-CPS2 (provided they are from a compatible world region).

The Audio/Video outputs are identical to those of the original Sony Playstation console.  In fact it uses the same “AV Multi Out” connector.  The controller interface is compatible with most XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 controllers and is able to be updated via PC to expand controller support for the future.  Buttons can also be re-mapped, allowing for flexibility and personal preferences.

The UD-CPS2 was very well received by players at EVO and many think that this is the future for ST in the USA.

You can follow updates to the UD-CPS2 on Shoryuken’s Tech Talk Forum here.

Contact Undamned with any questions or to inquire about an order.

To learn more about the UD-CPS2, check out the interview Undamned did with eltrouble and Sergjiev:

Some photos of the UD-CPS2 including at EVO 2013 ST GAMES: