Second SSF2T Mexican Gathering – Nov 15-18

Kyouya has announced that the Second Mexican Super Turbo gathering will take place November 15th through November 18th and will feature many of the well known top GGPO players from Mexico (DJFrijoles, yito2k, Kyouya, smiley (._.), Jarek04, and more).

Among the events planned are a Team Battle tournament, Star Cup Tournament, First to Ten matches, some money matches and a big double elimination tournament.  The event is planned to be streamed every day.
Here is what Kyouya had to say regarding the event:
“This past year our ST community had an experiment, we’re going to have a gathering and let’s see what happens”, that time we did it just for fun, and guess what happened? everyone showed up, no exceptions. We were all surprised to see everyone gathered, enjoying drinking, having fun, laughing and above all, playing SSF2T!
Our goal was to see how well people responded to it and to meet each other mainly. Our goal this time is to make the gathering and the community BIGGER and BETTER.”
For more information, visit the Second Mexican Gathering thread on SRK.

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