Coverage of Hazi Cup 4 from Delatroy

Full coverage of the Japanese Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament “Hazi Cup 4” hosted on GGPO! The tournament marked the return of MysteriousFighter in addition to welcoming newcomers camel-suwasero and DXdosucoi.



– 16 entrants
– Solo
– 2 character locked
– 2/3 (FT2)
– Single elimination
– No Akuma
– No macros and autofire

Recorded on: 7/12/2013

GGPO スパⅡX大会 haziカップ4

– 参加者16名。
– 個人戦
– 2キャラ
– 2/3 ラウンド (FT2)
– 勝ち残り
– Akuma 禁止された
– 禁止連射


Stage 1
01:31 MIN-MIN (FeiLong, O.Sagat) vs. kenta–kobe (E.Honda, Claw)
05:37 moji (ChunLi, ChunLi) vs hazi (DeeJay, T.Hawk)
09:31 Embyro bud (Blanka, Blanka) vs. Asuka7 (Ken, ChunLi)
11:55 gotchi (Blanka, Dic) vs. NeoRay (ChunLi, T.Hawk)
15:35 stella0415 (Ryu, Ryu) vs. Saburou (Ryu, Ryu)
19:20 osaka-pizza (Ryu, Ryu) vs DXdosucoi (Claw, Claw)
21:46 MysteriousFighter (Ryu, Ryu) vs. camel-suwasero(T.Hawk, T.Hawk)
23:37 isibasi_takaaki (Zangief. Guile) vs AramakiScaltinof (Sagat, Sagat)

26:01 kenta–kobe (E.Honda, Claw) vs. hazi (DeeJay, T.Hawk)
29:13 Embyro bud (Blanka, Blanka) vs. NeoRay (ChunLi, T.Hawk)
xx:xx stella0415 (Ryu, Ryu) vs. osaka-pizza (Ryu, Ryu) (recording missing)
31:36 MysteriousFighter (Ryu, Ryu) vs. isibasi_takaaki (Zangief. Guile)

34:59 hazi (DeeJay, T.Hawk) vs. Embyro bud (Blanka, Blanka)
38:58 stella0415 (Ryu, Ryu) vs. MysteriousFighter (Ryu, Ryu)

44:21 hazi (DeeJay, T.Hawk) vs. stella0415 (Ryu, Ryu)


Many thanks to: hazi, osaka-pizza, kuroppi and Serge for their good work on helping to make this happen and for their continued community support!

Music attribution:
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Menu (Clamato Fever)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Ken Stage (Made in U.S.A.)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Chun-Li Stage (Street Market)

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