Super Turbo 20th Anniversary Weekend!

This weekend marks the actual 20th anniversary of Super Turbo and it is fitting that it will be a weekend busy with big ST tournaments around the world.

IIX 20th Anniversary Tournament (UK):

The weekend kicks off with hosting the big IIX 20th Anniversary Tournament to be held in London, which will take place both Saturday and Sunday! Ryan Hart, Orf, and Boge are among the more famous names to be in attendance.


Schedule :

Saturday 22nd February 2014

6AM PST/9AM EST – Solo 3 on 3 (X-Mania style)
10AM PST/1PM EST – HOG VS GMC – (Gamespot Versus style)
11AM PST/2PM EST – 3 VS 3 England VS Germany

Sunday 23rd February 2014

6AM PST/9PM EST – Solo Double Elimination (Super Turbo Sunday VI – TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II Qualifier)
10AM PST/1PM EST – 2 VS 2 Single Elimination (Tougeki Super Battle Opera style)
11AM PST/2PM EST – First to five exhibition (Top 3 rematches)


Superstar Cup Gaiden (Japan):

The Superstar Cup Gaiden (Solo 3on3) takes place on Saturday/Sunday (11PM PST/2AM EST) at Space Shuttle Shiomaguchi Game Center in Nagoya.




Winter Brawl (Philadelphia):

Last but not least is Winter Brawl taking place in Philadelphia on Sunday @ 2PM EST.  This is the first US TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II Qualifier and big names such as Marsgatti and Jason Cole are among those that will be participating.