Fightcade is released – Online gaming for ST

Retro arcade gaming platform for Netplay. Play your favorite Retro VS Games online!

@pof has released his GGPO server re-implementation, called FightCade. It’s in beta but you can visit and download (Windows, Linux and MacOS) it to help betatest and enjoy.

Two new features not on GGPO have already been implemented, with more great features hopefully coming in the future:

1. No more port-fowarding! (Finally!)
2. Saved replays. (All games are saved server side, and you can watch them later. similar to Supercade, although there’s no interface to host the replays yet, it’s planned to be finished in the near future.)



The two most used platforms for online arcade gaming are Supercade and GGPO. Unfortunately, none of them are actively supported nor maintained by their authors anymore. In the case of Supercade the service might be discontinued anytime after October 2014. GGPO servers have been suffering long down time periods recently.

This project is a new online arcade gaming platform heavily based on GGPO. The goal is to enhance current features as well as add new community requests to improve the overall experience. It’s very possible that new features are first created for Super Street Fighter II Turbo and later might be added for other games.