FightMania tournament taking place 11/29 on Fightcade

Fightcade, Sabin, Arkadeum and ST Revival will be hosting FightMania, a special Online Tournament being held on Fightcade.  The tournament will take place Saturday, November 29th.  eltrouble, Sergjiev and Sabin will be running the tournament and Sabin will be streaming the tournament live on his Twitch TV Channel.


– Tournament will be run on Fightcade.  You can download Fightcade here for Windows/Mac/Linux:

– Double Elimination
– Matches are 2/3 games – Grand Finals are 3/5 games.
– No Character Lock.  Players may switch characters between opponents and after they lose a game.
– Akuma is banned. O. Zangief “magic grab” glitch is banned.
– Tournament is capped at 32 players.
– Participants are restricted to North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)
– If two players cannot connect, an alternative method may be used (GGPO/Supercade) or a coin-flip will determine the winner.
– Anyone caught using macros or turbo will be DISQUALIFIED.

– The tournament will be streamed live by Sabin @


– The winner will be recognized as the FightMania 2014 Champion and will receive a $25 gift certificate to Focus Attack and a special TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II poster signed by the competitors.