Fightmania Championship Results


Yito2k takes the Fightmania Online Championship by defeating Technical Monkey in the grand finals. Ultracombo takes 3rd place.  Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who participated.  Special thank you to Sabin for streaming and providing prizes, Sergjiev for his help and also providing prizes and to eltrouble for running the brackets.  And last but not least, Pof, for all his work on Fightcade.
FIGHTMANIA Online Championship – 11.29.14

Entries: 32
Bracket: Challonge

1st – yito2k (Dhalsim) – Wins ToL II signed poster.
2nd – Technical Monkey (Chun-Li) – Wins $50 gift certificate to Focus Attack
3rd – ultracombo (O. Sagat) – Wins Dragon Age:Inquisition game
4th – Hokuto (Claw)
5th – Nomrah
5th – CPU
7th – RealDecoy
7th – MegamanX8

1st – yito – poster
2nd – technical – $50 FA gift card
3rd – ultracombo – Dragon Age: Inquisitions