Treta Pride Super Turbo – Nov 1-2

Treta Pride Super Turbo

Brazilian’s main fighting game event is back. Bigger than ever, newer than ever, but also classic as ever, since it will now feature arcade Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo as a main game, instead of the previous HDR classic mode from previous majors in the country.

The platform will be 1) CPS-2 cabinet with UD converters and 2) a UD-CPS2 with a CRT TV, so players can use standard arcade parts on the cabinet or just use their USB joysticks or pads.

The competition will include previous champions Born2SPD and deathgun, and also fierce opponents such as Wall-Garants, Earqueman, Belotadentro, wolverine, and many others.

Comentary will be provided in Portuguese by oldschool-BR and others, under a dedicated stream station.

Date: November 1st – 2nd
Locaton: Curitiba, BRAZIL
Facebook Event Page: