Gamespot Versus Character Team Tournament – 1.30.16

At Gamespot Versus they always find ways to organize some fun tournament over the weekends besides the usual East vs West on Tuesdays.

Luckily, we have @Xgamerz keeping track of these events. He re-uploaded the tournament of last Saturday with annotations in the youtube video description.

The rules this time were to have two teams of 4 players with 4 characters each
Team P1 : Nikaiten & Sashishi & Massayan & Pixiv No Mugen
Team P2 : Souzou & Gucchi & Kikai & Iroha

After the tournament (at 1:25:50) there is an incredible FT20 between Sashishi Ryu and Souzou Fei Long. Arguably the best Ryu and Fei Long these days.
Final score: 20-17 in Sashishi’s favor.

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