Kakerugo 5on5 Tournament Announcement

Mattsun just announced the final dates of Kakerugo 5on5 (former Gian Recital) this morning. The tournament day will be on May 4th. Some of the people who went to X-Mania 2015 are going this year to the Kakerugo tournament.

Since we learned from the past experience we are going to do things even better this time and with a JR Pass we are going to Superstar’s Nagoya arcade (home of Futachan, MAO, ARG, Fujimon, etc) and the arcades in Osaka.

We are also lucky that the monthly Enpara tournament in Osaka takes place that week so the super ST week in Japan looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.58.39 AM

There are few changes in the 5on5 tournament compared to previous years:

  • Another 5on5 will be held on the previous day (May 3) where you can repeat characters inside the team. The day of the main tournament (May 4) you can’t repeat characters
  • The tournament will take place on Wednesday (holiday in Japan that day) instead of the weekend
  • The tournament will take place in the reponed Daytona Shiki arcade instead of Mikado. Hopefully with more room for people

Note: Last year X-Mania had 135 participants and Kakerugo had 125 so you can consider both tournaments equally big

Note II: Right now (2/22) roundtrip tickets to Tokyo from the US are as cheap as ever. $640 from NYC and $436 from LAX.