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Kakerugo 2017 5on5 Results!

Team 新婚チャンプwithデゲシュ会: Fujimon (Dee Jay), MatsuKen (Ken), Oakfei (Fei Long), Yonezaki (Dictator), Makki (Ryu) win Kakerugo 2017 by defeating Team 織田・今川連合軍: Opemai (Claw), Yondaime (Sagat), Nakamu (Blanka), Pikku (Claw), Kawashima (Boxer) in the grand finals!

KAKERUGO 2017 5on5
May 6, 2017
Tokyo, JAPAN
Players: 196 (40 teams)
Bracket: Twitter
Video: Twitch
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Kakerugo Takes Place May 6th

Kakerugo is Japan’s giant annual 5on5 tournament, which takes place during Golden Week (a week long collection of Japanese holidays). The Japanese ST community takes this opportunity to hold Kakerugo where players all over Japan come to participate. In recent years, it has become a popular event for foreign players to come enjoy as well. This year, 40 foreign players from the US, Canada, and Europe are heading to Japan to participate not only in Kakerugo but also to visit a bunch of arcades around Japan and participate in regular and special events surrounding Kakerugo.

XGamerz has compiled a list of teams from the announcements made by @ssf2x_net.

Kakerugo will be taking place at Game Daytona Shiki on May 6th starting at 2PM (Japan Time) / 1AM (EST) / May 5th at 10PM (PST) and will be streamed on Daytona Shiki’s Twitch TV channel.

Photos below courtesy of MAO and Otochun:

Kakerugo 2016 Results

Kakerugo 2016 results from May 4th, 2016.

Kakerugo 2016 5on5
May 4, 2016
Saitama, JAPAN (Daytona Shiki)
Players: N/A
Bracket: N/A
Video: Twitch TV

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Kakerugo 2016 Pre-Tournament Winning Team

(L-R) Mattsun, MAO, Shogatsu, YuuVega, Fujimon. Photo and results courtesy of @X5_kakerugo.

Kakerugo 2016 Pre-Tournament Results

Kakerugo 2016 Pre-Tournament results from May 3rd, 2016. The format was 5on5 with each team being represented by one character.

Kakerugo 2016 5on5 Pre-Tournament
May 3, 2016
Saitama, JAPAN (Daytona Shiki)
Players: 69 (17 teams)
Bracket: N/A
Video: Part 1Part 2

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Kakerugo 2016 Pre-Tournament Winning Team

(L-R) Iroha, Kikai, Kotaka Shoten, Yoshio, Tsunoppi, Miki. Photo and results courtesy of @X5_kakerugo.

List of Current Teams Registered for Kakerugo 5on5

List of current teams registered for Kakerugo 5on5 posted by @x5_kakerugo.

Kakerugo 5on5 takes place May 4th, 2016. More information about Kakerugo 5on5

Team 1

Kotaka Shoten(Guile)
Kawamata (Ryu)
Hiroyan (T-Hawk)
Akabura (Blanka)
Yakitori (O. Hawk)

Team 2

Fukuyama (Ryu)
Takosama (Zangief)
Geist (Blanka)
Iroha (O. Guile)
Te (Dhalsim)

Team 3

YuuVega (Dictator)
Mattsun (Ken)
Shogatsu (O. Honda)
Fujimon (Dee Jay)
MAO (Claw)

Team 4

Dai (Guile)
Cannibal (Blanka)
Miya (Ken)
Kawamura (Ryu)
Goro (Dee Jay)

Team 5

Gucchi (Ryu)
Numa (Boxer)
Choshu (Ken)
Mu (Dhalsim)
Takechi (Cammy)

Team 6

Toukon (Chun-Li)
PECO (O. Ken)
Tomoza (Dictator)
Kawasim (Dhalsim)
Tama (Boxer)

Team 7

Cross (Fei Long)
Kusumondo (Honda)
Kusa (Chun-Li)
Shuu (Ken)
Kotetsu (Claw)

Team 8

Onucho (Dictator)
Atomic Boy (Zangief)
Shin (T. Hawk)
Kurocchi (Blanka)
yuu (Guile)

Team 9

MB★ (Boxer)
Nemo (Blanka)
Kamata Ryu(Ryu)
Suzuka (Dhalsim)
Suzuki (Zangief)

Team 10

Prime (Dictator)
TIO (Dhalsim)
Kyara Rider (Dee Jay)
Nobita (O. Zangief)
Abeabe (Ryu)

Team 11

Pikku (Claw)
Shun (Boxer)
Kawashima (Dee Jay)
Hammock (Blanka)
Wakki (Dhalsim)

Team 12

Spirytus (Boxer)
XSPR (Ryu)
Tensai Chimpanzee (Fei Long)
Aoba (Claw)

Team 13

Gunze (Zangief)
Batayan (Guile)
kky (Dhalsim)
Makki (Ryu)
Kazu (Dee Jay)

Team 14

Stomach Momio (Zangief)
ToneP (Dhalsim)
tomo (Ryu)
Alabama (Boxer)
Tasaka (Cammy)

Team 15

Piroshi (Honda)
A (Guile)
Katou (Dee Jay)
Seo (Chun-Li)
Shal (Ryu)

Team 16

Miki (Guile)
Kabaya (Dhalsim)
Bomb (Blanka)
OWL (Dictator)

Team 17

yaya (Guile)
Sashishi (Ryu)
Komoda (Blanka)
babynine (Honda)
Taira (Dictator)

Team 18

Zukki (O. Ken)
Urakeni (Boxer)
Ochamarukun (Honda)
Yamamoto (Ryu)
Andre (Zangief)

Team 19

Yogaboy (Blanka)
Isimorn (Claw)
Relinquished (Dictator)
Zagi (Chun-Li)
Widad (O. DeeJay)

Team 20

ASTEKA (Blanka)
Shibaoto (Guile)
Masato (Boxer)
Tazmanian Tiger Mask (Zangief)
Orenron (O. Hawk)

Team 21

AFO (Blanka)
Hustler (Claw)
Suika (Dhalsim)
Green Tea (Ken)
Hidden (Ryu)

Team 22

Cellotape (Zangief)
Takiba (Blanka)
Ojii (Ryu)
TZW (Guile)
Pyonkichi (Ken)

Incomplete Teams:

Team 23

Arimura kasumi (Boxer)

Team 24

Papaya (O. Hawk)

Team 25

Verzaverde (Dictator)
nicofromtokyo (Blanka)

Team 26

TMF (Zangief)
Ron (Ryu)
Kondo (Claw)

Team 27

Nagata ichiban (O. Hawk)
Yuzubega (Dictator)
Sada (T. Hawk)
Yafumin (Ken)

Team 28

Koedo (Dictator)

Team 29

Tencho (Ryu)
Kikai (Guile)
Noguchi (Claw)

Team 30

EcoDJ (Cammy)

Team 31

Tsukada JOE (Dictator)
Mr.BOB (O. Ken)
NK1 (Chun-Li)
King IX (O. Chun-Li)

Team 32

Miharu (Dictator)

Team 33

Yoshio (Guile)
Murasaki (Dictator)
VIPER (T. Hawk)
Shigaken (Ken)

Team 34

Cellophane (Zangief)
Kawazoe (Guile)
Koyama (Ryu)
Kabuki-kun (Boxer)

Kakerugo 5on5 takes place May 4th

Kakerugo information

This year’s Kakerugo (formerly Gian Recital) 5on5 will take place on Wednesday May 4th at a new venue, Game Daytona. There will be a pre-tournament the day before and both events will be streamed.

Kakerugo 5on5

Date/time: Wednesday May 4th @ 2PM (Japan time) / Tuesday May 3rd @10PM (PST) / Wednesday May 4th @1AM (EST)
Pre-registration: April 1st – April 17th
Entry fee: 600yen (3000yen per team)
Rules: Akuma is banned. Teams cannot consist of only one character (Example: No all Claw teams)
Stream: http: //

Kakerugo Pre-Tournament (Same character team tournament)

Date/time: Wednesday May 3th @ 4PM (Japan time) / Wednesday May 3rd @12AM (PST) / Wednesday May 4th @3AM (EST)
Entry fee: 200yen
Stream: http: //

Kakerugo 5on5 Tournament Announcement

Mattsun just announced the final dates of Kakerugo 5on5 (former Gian Recital) this morning. The tournament day will be on May 4th. Some of the people who went to X-Mania 2015 are going this year to the Kakerugo tournament.

Since we learned from the past experience we are going to do things even better this time and with a JR Pass we are going to Superstar’s Nagoya arcade (home of Futachan, MAO, ARG, Fujimon, etc) and the arcades in Osaka.

We are also lucky that the monthly Enpara tournament in Osaka takes place that week so the super ST week in Japan looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.58.39 AM

There are few changes in the 5on5 tournament compared to previous years:

  • Another 5on5 will be held on the previous day (May 3) where you can repeat characters inside the team. The day of the main tournament (May 4) you can’t repeat characters
  • The tournament will take place on Wednesday (holiday in Japan that day) instead of the weekend
  • The tournament will take place in the reponed Daytona Shiki arcade instead of Mikado. Hopefully with more room for people

Note: Last year X-Mania had 135 participants and Kakerugo had 125 so you can consider both tournaments equally big

Note II: Right now (2/22) roundtrip tickets to Tokyo from the US are as cheap as ever. $640 from NYC and $436 from LAX.

Team SUMOU wins Kakerugo!

Team SUMOU (Gunze, Sasori, Shogatsu, Kusumondo, Muteki) wins the Kakerugo 5on5 tournament defeating The New Humans team (Koemon, Yuuzuru, MB, Murasaki, AFO) in the grand finals!

25 teams / 125 players

1. Team SUMOU
Gunze / Zangief
Sasori / Ryu
Shogatsu / O. Honda
Kusumondo / Honda
Muteki / Guile

2. The New Humans
Koemon / Fei Long
Yuuzuru / Dee Jay
MB / Boxer
Murasaki / Dictator
AFO / Blanka

3. Team Pure
Akabla / Blanka
Kawamata / Ryu
Souzou / Fei Long
Yakitori / O. Hawk
Kotaka Shoten / Guile

4. Alabama Army Corps
Alabama / Boxer
Tencho / Ryu
Aotsun / Chun-Li
Isaji / Cammy
kky / Dhalsim

Pre-Kakerugo Solo Results

Results from last night’s Pre-Kakerugo solo tournament. Images courtesy of @x5_kakerugo

Entries: 34

1. MAO (Claw)
2. Noguchi (Claw)
3. Muteki (Guile)
3. Kusa (Chun-Li)
5. Taira (Dictator)
5. MB? (Boxer)
5. tomo (Ryu)
5. Fujimon (Dee Jay)

List of Teams Registered for Kakerugo 5on5

List of teams that have registered for Kakerugo 5on5 Tournament to be held at Mikado on May 3rd. Thanks to Hanasu for the translation.

Team ?
MAO – Claw
Ito – Dee Jay
The Superstar – Boxer
Itokazu – DIctator
Maru – Ryu

Team ?
Fujimon – Dee Jay
Opemai – Claw
Futachan – Ryu
Yondaime – Sagat
Aniki – Guile

Older Brother Club
Cellotape – Gief
Jene – O. Chun
Hamaki – Honda
Pyonkichi – Ryu

Nishinippori Puzzle & Dragons
Suzuki – Gief
Numa – Boxer
Gucchi – Ryu
Mu – Sim
Choshu – Ken

No name
Nobita (DP Nobi) – O. Gief

Sasori – Ryu
Muteki – Guile
Kusumondo – Honda
Shougatsu – O. Honda
Gunze – Gief

Video Energy
Neri – Dictator
Donabe – Claw
Muneo – Sagat
Spirits – Boxer
Palestina – Chun-Li

Vampire Savior Force – Super Turbo Department
Hunter Ojisan – O. Boxer
Yamakofu – Chun
Aku – Ryu
Fore – Claw
Mayo – Boxer

GARObou Victims Association
AKIRA – Sagat
Bomu – Blanka
Takeyan – Gief
Tatsutoshi – Ryu
Zako – Honda

VIPER – Hawk
Kikai – Guile
Keishin – Chun
tomo – Ryu
Hiroyan – O. Hawk

White Tiger Corps
yaya – Sagat
Komoda – Blanka
Taira – Dictator
Sashishi – Ryu
babynine – Honda

No name
Alabama – Boxer

Because of Baby Boom-ers
YuuVega – Dictator
Noguchi – Claw
Tama – Boxer
Mattsun – Ken
Kurahashi – Ryu

Omecho – Dictator
yuu – Guile
Kurocchi – Blanka
Shun – Boxer
Atomic Boy – Gief

The New Humans
AFO – Blanka
Yuuzuru – Deejay
Koemon – Fei
M.B. – Boxer
Murasaki – Dictator

Kotaka Shoten – Guile
Kawamata – Ryu
Souzou – Fei
Akabla – Blanka
Yakitori – O. Hawk

Idaten Piroshi
Yoshio – Guile
Gi – Ken
ToneP – Sim
Piroshi – Honda
Kumaru Muubuzou – Fei

New Helix
TMF – Gief
Ron – Ryu
Nyo – Deejay
Kondou – Claw
Masato – Boxer

Buppa Eel
Pikku – Claw
Kawashima – Boxer
Nijuunen – Sim
Prime – Dictator
Rootote – O. Hawk

Final Destroyer
Spirytas – Boxer

Daredevil JAPAN
Toukon – Chun
Tomoza – Dictator
PECO – O. Ken
Kawasim – Sim
Abebin – Honda

Takechi Corps
Chiryu – Ryu
Kusa – Chun
Nakamura – Cammy
Katou – Deejay
Suzuka – Sim