Kakerugo 5on5 takes place May 4th

Kakerugo information

This year’s Kakerugo (formerly Gian Recital) 5on5 will take place on Wednesday May 4th at a new venue, Game Daytona. There will be a pre-tournament the day before and both events will be streamed.

Kakerugo 5on5

Date/time: Wednesday May 4th @ 2PM (Japan time) / Tuesday May 3rd @10PM (PST) / Wednesday May 4th @1AM (EST)
Pre-registration: April 1st – April 17th
Entry fee: 600yen (3000yen per team)
Rules: Akuma is banned. Teams cannot consist of only one character (Example: No all Claw teams)
Stream: http: //www.twitch.tv/game_daytona_shiki/

Kakerugo Pre-Tournament (Same character team tournament)

Date/time: Wednesday May 3th @ 4PM (Japan time) / Wednesday May 3rd @12AM (PST) / Wednesday May 4th @3AM (EST)
Entry fee: 200yen
Stream: http: //www.twitch.tv/game_daytona_shiki/