Gamespot Versus 5.24.16

Here is this week’s Gamespot Versus East vs West team battle from May 24th, courtesy of Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Rules: Two teams are chosen beforehand as well as player order. The first two players from each team battle each other and the winner stays on to fight the next player from the other team. Once a team has run out of players they lose the event. The remaining players on the winning team face each other in an exhibition at the end of the event.

This week features:

1P: Bear, N Oah, Koedo, XSPR, Tako-sama, Miharu, Cannibal, Kato, Shal, Tominaga, Te, Tera-san, Hide, Nia, Gucchi, Nemo, Neri, Mattsun, Kawasim, Takechi, Hustler, Tencho, Kotaka Shoten, YuuVega

2P: Uminchi, Miki, Karaagemaru, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Aoba, Ushio, Fukuyama, Risty, EcoDJ, Su, Chika, Munari, Grygla, Aze, Palestina, Choshu, Urakeni, Susugi, Kikai, PECO, Tomoza, Kurahashi, Seo, Akabla

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