Kakerugo Takes Place May 6th

Kakerugo is Japan’s giant annual 5on5 tournament, which takes place during Golden Week (a week long collection of Japanese holidays). The Japanese ST community takes this opportunity to hold Kakerugo where players all over Japan come to participate. In recent years, it has become a popular event for foreign players to come enjoy as well. This year, 40 foreign players from the US, Canada, and Europe are heading to Japan to participate not only in Kakerugo but also to visit a bunch of arcades around Japan and participate in regular and special events surrounding Kakerugo.

XGamerz has compiled a list of teams from the announcements made by @ssf2x_net.

Kakerugo will be taking place at Game Daytona Shiki on May 6th starting at 2PM (Japan Time) / 1AM (EST) / May 5th at 10PM (PST) and will be streamed on Daytona Shiki’s Twitch TV channel.

Photos below courtesy of MAO and Otochun:

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