X-News Week #5 (November 20th-26th)

North America

  • Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum had its #54 weekly event with Techmonkey, x64 and kuroppi as the resulting podium. BracketVideo
  • Bob Huynh (aka Mr Bob) was paying a visit to Minneapolis from Japan so the local guys from the famous Paradise Arcade Shop organized a special tournament for the occasion. The videos of the final can be found in the facebook page of the event. Bracket
  • The first qualifier of the big 2018 Spring Series tournament in TX has been announced and it will take place @ Don’s Arcade in Torrance, CA on January 6th. A facebook page is likely to be created with more details soon.
  • The same Texas guys of the aforementioned tournament streamed their monthly ST event @ the Free Play Arlington arcade this week. Bracket | Stream
  • Eltrouble uploaded several videos to his channel of the WNF that occurred on the Wednesday before the Redbull tournament. There you can see DGV, Tomo and AfroLegends going at each other.



  • The guys from X-Mania Europe 5 have announced that TMF Zangief will be their second Japanese invite. Shinonii was the first one announced last week.
  • TMF will also be attending the Fightcade Offline Festival in Spain as their first Japanese invite.
  • The guys from LaDoseNet played the last ranking battle of the year @ Gamespirit in Lyon. They play several games but here is the video (with French commentary) of the 2X part with Zarghatt, ISIMORN and Bansheebot forming the podium. Bracket


  • KidAkira posted a new video of Ryu combos. Thankfully, unlike most videos recorded from Fightcade, it’s in 4:3 instead of 16:9.
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