X-News Week #6 (November 27th-3rd)

North America

  • Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum had its #55 weekly event with a RenoMD vs. Techmonkey final going to the last game last round. BracketVideo


Upcoming event:

  • There are more details about the upcoming major in Japan (there are 4 each year) also known as FOX tournament, a 4vs4 event. The date of the tournament will be on December 30th with two special events, one the the day before the tournament and one the day after. The one on the 31st will be the classic Nagata special event for new year’s eve.


  • The French community ‘First Attack’ run their ranking battle with Pe1port taking it with his Blanka. Videos of the final have been posted in their facebook event page.

Super Bonus!

  • The guys from LaDoseNet in Lyon started a really exciting project where they will be translating the strategy section of both the Yoga Book Hyper and the Yoga Book Super. They already released an intro article and the Old Ryu section.
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