X-News Week #7 (December 4th-10th)

North America

  • Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum had its #56 weekly event with a final between Real Decoy (Blanka) and Techmonkey (ChunLi) going to the last game last round. BracketVideo
  • Wednesday Night Fights @ eSports Arena had some crazy exciting finals between tomo (Ryu), Afro Legends (DJ/Boxer) and eltrouble (Dhalsim). Videos
  • Dbostick announced he will be hosting the last ‘The King of the Dojo’ online tournament of the year. December 19 @7pm Pacific time. 1st place will win a $10 digital gift card for Steam. Registration
  • Bob Huynh is still in the US so they organized a tournament at Garret Tuttle’s place with arcade cabinets. Videos | Bracket



  • A tournament took place in Strasburg, France, called Bat’cade V. The recorded grand final was between DonYann (Ken) and Milanea (Old Honda/Honda). Video | Bracket


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