X-News Week #8 (December 11th-17th)


  • Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum had its #57 weekly event with H-Zero (O. Sagat) from Mexico taking it over Techmonkey (ChunLi). BracketVideo
  • Marsgatti won the ST tournament @ NEC18 held in Pennsylvania. Videos will be posted soon. Stream archive | Bracket
  • IFixMachine and 2Old2Furious have joined forces to organize a tournament on January 13 in NY. This tournament will be a qualifier for the Free Play Texas tournament of next year.
  • Super Turbo Showdown has been announced for February 3. It will be held in Toronto. This tournament will be also a qualifier for the Free Play tournament.
  • IFixMachine also announced they will be holding a special event on December 30. So if you are in the NY area you already have a tournament waiting for you.
  • The Super Turbo Chile community run their weekly ST event on Wednesday. Live video of the finals | Bracket
  • Atari posted the first part of the casuals set played at the Redbull tournament that happened a month ago. You can see a lot of Otochun, Aniken, Ultracombo and other players in it.


  • Space Shuttle weekly tournament (Chubu) with the visit of Ha-kun Honda to the arcade. Since there weren’t too many people they decided to put Ha-Kun on one team and the rest of the players on the other with unusual characters (except in the exhibition). That gives you the chance to see rare plays like MAO picking ChunLi and Zangief. [source: MAO’s nico channel]
  • Gamespot Versus weekend tournament (Kanto) with a mini east vs. west format with Shal Boxer and Seo ChunLi as team captains.
  • Neyagawa ABC monthly ranking battle in Osaka (Kansai) [part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4] with MAO visiting from Nagoya. However, the lack of detailed annotations and information about the format makes it a little bit hard to follow.
  • Game Newton Ooyama special team tournament (Kanto) with a lot of good matches from Bunshin FeiLong.
  • Gamespot Versus weekly tournament (Kanto) with Kawasim Dhalsim and Kawamata Ryu as team captains. There has been an inside joke in the arcade for the last 3 weeks where they change some player names to character names from ‘Dragon Quest’. This must be very fun for them but not so much for us to follow. For instance, the guy playing with FeiLong as ‘Eigyou Buchou’ is Yuuvega messing around with Fei. Senshi Lv50 is Taichou Zangief (not Atomic Boy). Moyomoto Lv49 is Kawasim. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • Game Daytona Shiki special tournament (Kanto) with the return of Keishin ChunLi! However, the two players with the longest run who made it to the final were Kawasim Dhalsim and Shal Ken.
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