X-News Week #9 (December 18th-24th)

North America

  • Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum had its #58 weekly event with H-Zero vs Jarek in the final. BracketVideo
  • The first qualifier of the 2018 Spring Series in TX will happen this coming January 6 @ Don’s Arcade called SoCal Super Turbo Qualifier. Event page
  • Atari posted the second and third parts of the Red Bull tournament casuals. In part, it was thanks to celebrate the fact his channel has reached 100 subscribers. Annotations will be added to the description of the videos very soon.
  • Atari also posted the footage of the NEC tournament that happened last week. Annotations will be added very soon.



  • The First Attack community had their ranking battle with Solinvictus, Pierrot (aka Pijo) and Boulben making the top 3. Video of the finals | Bracket


  • There was an announcement (actually, a teaser) in our twitter account about a possible upcoming event in 2018. Take your guess.
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