X-News Week #10 (December 25th-31st)

We hit our 10th X-News with the last week of the year. So far people seem quite happy about these publications so we’ll keep making them for the time being.

North America

  • Silentscope announced he will be taking over the streaming tasks in the WNF bi-weekly tournaments in LA. We hope to see his footage coming up soon.
  • Frank Vacanti has been posting a new series of videos where he goes through the theory and strategy of some matchups, mainly for Guile, using online footage and step by step explanations.
  • Combo Breaker tournament dates have been announced for next May. It will take place on Illinois and it will have a big ST event that has been getting bigger and bigger each year.


  • Japan had one of their three annual majors this past weekend. The 4vs4 tournament called 4/X FOX. Each team had to have two world warrior characters, one new challenger and one boss. As it usually happens there was was a pre-event on the day before with a solo tournament which had Yuuvega and KKY making it to the finals. As it happened last year, there were a lot of upsets mainly because of Yakitori old Hawk beating a lot of grandmasters like Murasaki and Yuuvega, he even had his chance against MAO in the finals. Most of the big names were there even those that have been inactive during the year. However, we still miss Otochun and Aniken making it to the majors in Tokyo since 2014. Video of the main event | Bracket | Results
  • As it happens every year by these dates, there was the Nagata Shogatsu new year’s eve special. Since it took place just the day after the 4/X FOX tournament there was a huge list of grandmasters to play against Shogatsu in the long kumite. Video with annotations will be posted very soon.
  • Monthly ranking battle at Neyagawa ABC in Osaka (Kansai) [part 1, part 2, part 3] with the visit of MAO from Nagoya. You can hear how the crowd goes nuts when things don’t go so well for MAO (minute 32:10 of the first video). It’s always crazy to see that even when they do a single tournament in Japan they usually leave it to a single game (FT1) in each confrontation which makes it more brutal. The final is between Murasaki and Otochun. [Shogatsu’s nico channel]
  • Gamespot Versus weekly tournament (Kanto) with Hide ChunLi and Kawamata Ryu as the team captains. [source: GSV youtube channel]


  • With the Tournament of Legends III announcement taking place (see below) there are two European qualifiers confirmed run by LaDoseNet and First Attack, in Lyon and Morlaix respectively. July 15 and August 12 are the dates to save in your agenda.


  • The teaser from last week has been finally been revealed. Tournament of Legends III will take place at the next Canada Cup, bigger than ever and with a bunch of qualifiers all year long across many countries. Read all the event details. We cannot be more excited!
  • Kuroppi released a big project called Super Turbo Tournament Database where you can find results from the very early days of the tournaments to this day, across many countries and scenes. You can also filter your results by player name.
  • As Daigo announced months ago, he will be hosting a special FT10 match between the two grandmasters Aniken Ken and Kotaka Shoten Guile. The match will take place on January 3 at 1pm JST (Japan Standard Time). There has been a lot of hype built around it. A pre-show event has been posted with insights around the match and with a surprise short exhibition between Muteki Guile and Daigo Ken (minute 26:20). On top of that, there was a very interesting video with English subtitles with interviews to other grandmasters so they could give their point of view. The grandmasters are Teppe, Gunze, Kurahashi and Yaya. Daigo twitch channel
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