X-News Week #12 (January 8th-14th)

North America

  • Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum run their #60 weekly event with H-Zero and RealDecoy making it to the final. Bracket | Video
  • The guys from the Free Play Tournament in Texas (coming in March) announced their first Japanese invites: the grandmasters Otochun, Yaya and Mattsun.
  • IFixMachine run a tournament in NY which in turn was the second qualifier for the Free Play Tournament in Texas. JoshC, Techmonkey and ‘E to the NG‘ were the three qualified players. Video (no annotations) | Brackets
  • Silentscope streamed, for the first time in his channel, the WNF tournament @ e-sports Arena in LA. Eltrouble, Millertime and Silentscope took the first 3 places in the final results. Video (no annotations)
  • Atari re-streamed the top 16 of the Boston tournament of last November. With commentators from west coast, east coast and Canada simultaneously. That is, Damdai, JoshC, Atari and Ultracombo. The plan is to upload everything on the youtube channel with proper annotations soon.
  • An event called Super Turbo Sessions has been announced for January 27 @ Lost Ark arcade in NC. It will be streamed on their twitch channel and it will have Damdai and Rekkaken as guests.


  • Gamespot Versus had their usual weekend stream but this time with some high level long series between Kotaka Shoten, Shiki and Kurahashi. Xgamerz edited the videos and posted them separately for you to enjoy. Shiki Guile vs Kurahashi Ryu, Kotaka Shoten Guile vs Shiki Boxer, Kotaka Shoten Guile vs Kurahashi Ryu. It’s not clear what the target score of the series was. They run around 15 to 20 games.
  • Special Shiki Kumite at Gamespot Versus arcade (Kanto), where he plays against the local players using all the 16 characters of the game.
  • Space Shuttle special tournament (Chubu) with almost all the top players of Nagoya participating like Gotoh Ryu, Futachan Ryu, Superstar, MAO, etc. With the participation of probably the only two Japanese players who have used Old Ryu in tournaments over the years: Mayumura and tsumakiRYU. Also with the participation of Ando Old Feilong, not only one of the only old Feilongs in Japan but also one of the oldest players (age wise) in the scene. There are no brackets nor explanations of the format nor proper video annotations which makes it a little bit harder to follow but it’s still really worth watching. You would never ever guess who defeats MAO in the tournament (minute 29:17) and almost takes the whole thing against Futachan in the final. Note: there is an error in the annotations, the Cammy player is always Tasaka. [source: MAO’s nico channel]
  • Space Shuttle weekly team tournament (Chubu) with MAO and Superstar Boxer as team captains and playing each other in the decisive final match. [source: MAO’s nico channel]
  • Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto) as always with more than 50 players participating. Kawasim Dhalsim and Suzuka Dhalsim were the team captains. A great chance to see Yaya playing his Ken. There was also one of the most spectaculars comebacks ever seen at minute 14:27. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • Game Daytona Shiki special tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. The two players with the longest run who made it to the final were Tsumura Hawk and PECO, who has been using Ken instead of Old Ken in the last months.
  • North vs South tournament from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai) by Shogatsu with Murasaki dictator and Kusumondo Honda defending their teams in the final.


  • Ladosenet announced a tournament that will take place on February 10th in honor of their 5th anniversary. They also posted a video as a review of all the tournament moments of 2017, mostly ST related, including their trip to Japan.
  • First attack made a tour video of their arcade venue where they also explain their plans for 2018.


  • Earlier this week, Tom Cannon was announcing that SRK forums would be shutting down. However, the community convinced the organizers to keep the content and even migrate to a more modern platform for forums, discourse.org. In any case, it would be a good idea to make a backup of your favorite threads of the forum.
  • There is a new chapter of the Yoga Book translation project. This time for the Old Honda character, with the help of Shogatsu for the strategy section.
  • Corey Lanier wrote a long post to tell the story of how the scene in Canada was born and still running to this day.
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