X-News Week #13 (January 15th-21st)

North America

  • Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum run their #61 weekly event with x64 and RenoMD dictator making it to the final. Bracket | Video
  • Dbostick run the 9th edition of the monthly King of the Dojo tournament with the participation of known online north American players. Stream archive | Bracket
  • Frank Vacanti posted a new video of his tutorial series, this time to talk about the Guile vs dictator matchup.
  • Atari released the remaining footage of the Boston tournament of last November. That includes the 4th set of casual games with plenty of footage of Aniken and Otochun (with a 17 game win streak) and also the top 16 of the tournament. As always, with annotations in the video description. In that top 16, it’s very interesting to hear, from the commentators Damdai and Ultracombo, what was in their head while they were playing, including when they were facing each other; highly recommended. Complete playlist (casuals, pools and top16). The top16 doesn’t include the top3 which can be watched in other stream recordings as well as the grand finals in the official battlegrounds channel.
  • ST will be present at the Winter Brawl event with a tournament with a $300 price pool. The dates are February 23-25.
  • Reminder that the Super Turbo Sessions event at the Lost Ark arcade in NC will happen this coming Saturday, January 27. Stream channel



  • Ladosenet announced they will have their monthly ranking battle this upcoming Sunday, January 28th @ Gamespirit in Lyon.
  • Isimorn and DoubleU had a live stream (archive) where they go through all the plans for ST and other games in 2018. The content is in French.
  • Isimorn published on youtube the restream he did on twitch of the monthly Osaka tournament. The commentary is in French.
  • Marcade Honda restreamed the finals of the monthly Spanish tournament on Fightcade. This tournament already intended as preparation for the Fightcade Offline Festival 2018. The commentary is in Spanish. Bracket


  • GolcarJack has released new content (hitboxes, new strategy, etc) in his extensive guide for Guile, which he has been writing for years.
  • For all Honda fans, the guys from BigBoysToys added E. Honda to their collection available for pre-order on their website. Currently, they have the 8 world warriors plus Akuma available.
  • For those who like music and remixes related to SF2 there is a set of new songs on Spotify (login required) by DJ Super Sonic who mixes the classic tunes with ‘modern’ dubstep.
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