X-News Week #24 (April 2nd-8th, 2018)

Belated news from around the world of last week:

North America

  • Combo Breaker is still relatively far but it’s going to be so big that people are planning way ahead. If you are still considering about going check the details of the event or talk to other players about the ST tournament arrangements. This tournament will also be a qualifier for Tournament of Legends III, remember you can still get goodies of the finals through their campaign.
  • Mike Watson was finally able to open @SuperDojo in Azusa, CA (former Super Arcade). There will be more info posted about WNF or ST events soon.
  • WNF @ e-sports Arena in LA took place on Wednesday (every two weeks) with a final between tomo Ryu and KillerMiller Honda. No brackets available. Stream | Video
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #72 weekly event. The final this week was between x64 and H-ZeroBracket | Video | Leaderboard



  • Marcade has made a mini documentary with his experiences filmed on the weekend of the Fightcade Offline Festival tournament of last month. There you can see more in detail the huge amount of cabinets in the event as well as the experiences of the Japanese players who were invited. The video is in Spanish and subtitled in French.
  • Nantarena tournament was run on the weekend at Pays de la Loire. The finals were between InstantAirBifle Dictator and Doudou Guile. Stream (minute 2:30) | Brackets
  • The LaDoseNet posted more details on their site about the two French qualifiers for ToL3, as they call it, En route pour le TOL3. The article is both in French and English. By the way, Gamespirit arcade in Lyon, home of LaDoseNet, has been featured this week in a manga.
  • The First Attack group who are also organizing the 2X tournament in the PAX event in Paris created a discord group in order to help pre-registration. First Attack is also accepting any donation from the community to help them run their many projects.
  • If anyone is around Paris on April 28, DonYann is organizing a meetup at the COIN-OP Table and run a small 2X tournament as well. You can coordinate it with him through the Paris facebook group of 2X.


  • One of the US ST legends and current organizer of NCR, John Choi, was interviewed by BornFree. There are quite a few things about the ST history explained during the interview.
  • Legendary GamePro Magazines are officially archived on the famous project archive.org and freely available to read. In 1994, there was a special ST guide published shortly after the game release. You can find matchup charts, combo guides and strategy sections of what was believed of the game at that time. Legends involved in the write up were: Boss Man Graham (Graham Wolfe), Jay Rasta Fighter (AfroCole), Yoga Master Chris, Char-Li, To-Ryu-Mo, Mike Watson, Jessie Howard, Eddie Ferrier and Steve Warwick.
  • Raging Noob posted a video on youtube showing how some character holds have a random factor (besides player mashing) that determines the speed of the hold.
  • STNotW (ST Normal of the Week) by Fudd DJ and hosted on the Free Play Arcade group. This week is #20 already! The subject this time is T. Hawk’s crouching medium kick
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