X-News Week #28 (April 30th-May 6th, 2018)

It’s not that common that we have a major in each continent on the same weekend. Exciting times for ST!

North America

  • Texas Showdown was the US major run last weekend with 47 entrants. The qualified players for top 8 were Justin Wong Old Sagat, RagingStormX Chunli, Enforcer Ryu, Atari Guile, Noun (aka Fudd) DJ, Jumpsuit Jesse FeiLong and the two players who had a really disputed final: SilentScope Cammy and Pup (aka CVital) ChunLi. As the winner of this tournament SilentScope is qualified (with Cammy!) for the Tournament of Legends III final that will take place in October. Pools video (annotations coming very soon) | Top 8 stream archive (starts @13.30) | Bracket
  • The recently re-opened Super Arcade in LA has been announced as Tournament of Legends III qualifier. The date will be June 16th. The fundraiser for Tournament of Legends III is getting closer to $1300 in order to unlock the next Japanese invite.
  • Free Play Richardson will be hosting their next ST event on May 15. They usually hold these classic games tournaments on Tuesdays and ST is happening every 6 weeks or so.
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #76 weekly event. For the third time in a row, the final was between x64 and H-ZeroBracket | Video | Leaderboard


  • Kakerugo major (the 5vs5 formerly known as Gian Recital) was on Saturday with 202 people singed up (according to Mattsun, the biggest turnout ever). It was also the first time to have a team formed by 5 female players. The tournament lasted more than 10 hours but thankfully it’s all annotated in this video for you to follow (note: there were two simultaneous setups and the stream keeps switching between them). Some of the most notable performances were Muteki vs Ito and Fujimon DJ (6:12:30), Muteki vs Opemai Claw (9:38:10), Yuuvega vs MAO (2:40:00), Hakase vs Yondaime‘s team (9:48:30) and the very decisive match between two of the best boxers Tsuji vs Tamashima (10:15:10). Bonus: MAO wearing the #banmao t-shirt (10:18:20). Team list | Video
  • For the last 3 or 4 years there is the tradition of running the character tournament the day before the Kakerugo event. A unique chance to see things like Ryus team versus Boxers team, DeeJays vs Claws, etc. However, this year they changed the rules in order to shorten the length of the tournament a little bit. If a player loses a game then he is out of the tournament even if his team passes. Some of the highlights were VIPER and Yakitori Hawk against 10 Kens (1:18:20), Koemon FeiLong beating 7 Dhalsims in a row (1:56:10), Yuuzuru DJ beating 9 hondas (3:08:20), Hustler Claw beating 9 Guiles (3:25:05) and the very decisive final game between Fujimon DJ and MB Boxer with a comeback that you will have to see twice to believe it (4:07:35). Video
  • X-Count videos are back with their FT10 in Osaka. This time between Takanotsume Zangief and Haruyama Ken (video). As always, they also publish a couple of FT5 (they call them half X-Count): Murasaki Dictator vs Alabama Boxer (video). The other FT5 was between Otochun ChunLi and OldSamir Guile from France who was visiting Osaka at that time (video).
  • A new FT5 found in the recent footage of GameSpot Versus (Kanto): Nikaiten Boxer vs Kusa ChunLi. Video
  • GameSpot Versus Danisen (Kanto) as part of the new Danisen series with some of the usual players including the new blood. Participants: Naoki Boxer, Momio Zangief, Peruo Boxer, Bunchin FeiLong, Shu DeeJay (his alt char) and Kusa ChunLi.
  • Gamespot Versus weekend tournament (Kanto) who are always experimenting with tournament formats. This time they create two big teams, then each player faces one player in the other team (instead of winner stays on). The team with more wins by the end takes it all.
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between Nakajima Honda and Seo Dictator.
  • North vs South tournament from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai). Mori Boxer and Nishio Dictator were defending their teams in the final.
  • Playland F1R 2on2 tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan.


  • Practically all the big names in Europe where present in the X-Mania Europe V tournament. Ken Bogard was in charge of the commentary. The final of the 3vs3 team tournament was between Kouni Ryu, Zarghatt ChunLi, TMF Zangief and Balcork FeiLong, Zagi ChunLi, Solinvictus DJ. Footage is still not available on youtube but it all can be watched from the twitch archives. Team Top 16 stream archive @38:40 | Team Top 4 stream archive @1:25:35. Warning for headphone viewers: the intro music of the teams might be a little bit loud.
  • There was a solo tournament the day after the 3vs3 event, also in the same X-Mania V venue with 64 entrants. Unfortunately, only the top 8 was streamed and so many big games were missed, specially those involving Shinonii who was one of the Japanese invites. Those who qualified for the top 8 were Wolmar Dhalsim, TMF Zangief, Bazoukha Boxer, Professor Jones Dictator, Nayma Honda, SpinalBlood Sagat and the very final between Zagi ChunLi and Myco Boxer. Myco is one of the youngest players to win an ST major being only 18 years old. Bracket | Stream archive @2:55:09


  • Capcom started, in their official channel, a “retrospective series” that will be talking about the games included in SF30th. They started with SF1 and SF2 series narrated by James Chen. The video talks not only about each version details and improvements but it also highlights the ST competitive scene! Video
  • STNotW (ST Normal of the Week) by Fudd DJ and hosted on the Free Play Arcade group. The subject this time is DJ’s slide.
  • Bob Sagat, known for his animation skills and his amazing Super Turbo videos has created, for fun, an animation of DeeJays Machine Gun Uppercut. Fun to watch.
  • The Japanese blog about ST that we featured a few weeks ago has recently posted his achievement celebration of 100 posts. The amount of work is really remarkable as he posts extended content of matchups and game curiosities almost every day (!!). Unfortunately, only those who are lucky enough to read Japanese will be able to enjoy the content.
  • Fighter101 has also started his version of “Road to 30th Anniversary” initiative with a series of Fightcade streams he is posting on his channel.
  • The community in Argentina has run a second online tournament which is likely to be a weekly event given the good response from the players so far. Bracket
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