X-News Week #29 (May 7th-13th, 2018)

North America

  • Capcom has announced a special series or tournaments with a $7000 minimum prize pool to celebrate SF30th Anniversary. 3 different games in 3 American majors: ST at CEO, Alpha 3 at SoCal Regionals and 3rd Strike at Canada Cup.
  • Toryuken major in Toronto will be the next ToL3 qualifier happening this weekend (May 19-20). Top 8 will be streamed on Toronto Top Tiers secondary channel. Registration and Bracket
  • Combo Braker will be another qualifier happening in two weeks (May 25-27). However, registrations in this case are closed. They recently announced that 111 participants are signed up for ST.
  • Top 8 of Texas Showdown tournament from last week has been officially posted on Youtube, check for video annotations in one of the video comments (not the video description). The ‘pools’ video that was published last week on a separate channel has annotations now as well.
  • Free Play Arcade had their Tuesday Night Fight session that can be seen in their stream archive.
  • The Lost Ark arcade in NC run another Super Turbo Sessions of casuals on the weekend. There were great players attending like Damdai, Rekkaken, Immortal and RoyBiselStream video
  • Pixel Palace Games in Ohio is organizing an ST tournament on May 19 along with many other games. Event | Registration
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #77 weekly event. The final this week was between Rakanishu Blanka and H-Zero Old Sagat. Bracket | Video | Leaderboard


  • Gamespot Versus continue with their Danisen series. Besides the local people there are some top players visiting from Nagoya. MAO claw, Opemai claw, AFO Blanka, Gian Dhalsim, Nakamu Blanka, Kotaka Shoten Guile, Kawamata Ryu to name a few from the full list, so you can guess what awesome matches you will see between them. Check for video annotations in one of the video comments (not the video description). Video
  • MAO posted 8 more FT5 videos to MAO-db channel played at Space Shuttle (Nagoya) with many players visiting from other areas. The matches are: Gotoh Ryu vs Hide ChunLi, Akko Claw vs Itoh Ryu, Wani!K Honda vs Akko Claw, Futachan Ryu vs Opemai Claw, Akko Claw vs MAO Claw, MAO Claw vs Yomiaidoh Ryu, Danjiri Boxer vs Itoh Ryu, Tsumura Hawk vs Futachan Ryu. Video list
  • A miscommunication with Kakerugo organizers last week made us believe only one of the two setups in the tournament were recorded. We were wrong. Shogatsu posted a video with the footage of the secondary cabinet were most of the losers matches were played. Check for video annotations in one of the video comments (not the video description).
  • Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto), Shal Boxer and Palestina ChunLi were the team captains. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • Belated Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto) from the previous week with a slight larger number of participants since players were warming up for the Kakerugo tournament. Seo ChunLi and Yakitori Old Hawk were the team captains. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • More FT5s coming from GameSpot Versus (Kanto): Kinakong tarou Claw vs Miya Ken (video), Abebin Honda vs Chosu Ken (video), Tako-sama Zangief vs Yuzuru DJ (video).
  • North vs South tournament from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai). Kusumondo and Shogatsu were defending their teams in the final in a classic Honda mirror.
  • Playland F1R 2on2 tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan. April 28 tournament | May 2 tournament


  • Europe is having more majors in 2018 than ever before. This coming weekend will be the comeback of the classic Stunfest. According to the schedule 2X will be solo tournament on Saturday and team tournament on Sunday. Expect many big players and great final streams. Registration | Brackets
  • Fist of the Notts Star 2 returns at Nottingham, UK on June 9. There will be several game tournaments in the event. 2X will be played on Superguns. Details | Registration
  • DonYann has uploaded the top 3 of the Coin-Op tournament in Paris from few weeks ago on Youtube. Professor Jones Dictator, Bazoukha Boxer and Touco Zangief are the players in the top 3. Videos


  • STNotW (ST Normal of the Week) by Fudd DJ and hosted on the Free Play Arcade group. The subject this time is Dhalsim’s slide.
  • The channel of Chemical Lovers are constantly uploading videos about fighting game theory and analysis. They recently uploaded a video explaining why ST is still been played to this day and why it could be considered balanced. The video is perfect to show to all those players who say ST is cheap, broken or spammy.
  • An article on Eventhubs gives more details of the training modes included in the 30th Anniversary Collection. Damage diplay, input display, ‘dummy controls’ and stage selection (at least in versus mode) are some of the features mentioned.
  • Retroarch emulator has released a new version with several new features, one of them being “runahead latency reduction”. Tests still have to confirm if that’s really beneficial for playing ST online.
  • Arcadeshock is going to release an in-store exclusive stick as part of their HORI RAP4 Kai Customized series. In this case the stick has a design dedicated to Super Street Fighter II X. However, for those cabinet purists, the stick will have 8 buttons instead of 6 and the button layout will be vewlix instead of sega or noir. The date of the release is still unknown.
  • Third Argentinian weekly online tournament with more and more players each time.
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