X-News Week #30 (May 14th-20th, 2018)

We are reaching X-News #30. A 30th anniversary, so to speak, of this adventure that started last October. Way more work than I ever expected but still motivated to continue seeing the feedback from the community. I hope it serves the goal of bringing communities around the world closer and more aware of each other, besides keeping a little archive of everything that happens with our beloved game.

The only missing piece is a Japanese version of the news so our friends in Japan can follow too. If anyone is willing to help or have any ideas on how to solve it please let me know.

North America

  • There is a new qualified legend for ToL3 out of Toryuken, a major run last weekend in Toronto. JED07 Dictator took it over Chi-Rithy ChunLi in the final. While the footage is being posted on youtube you can see the stream archives: Pools (highlight clips) | Top 8 (starts at 5:56:23) | Bracket. Psychochronic recorded some training sessions at his place from the day before the tournament with Dogberry, Unessential, JED07, himself and special guest Weirdlookinhippo. Video
  • Combo Breaker event will take place this weekend with 111 players registered for ST (brackets). Top players from all over the US and Canada are traveling to Chicago for the tournament. Capcom is taking advantage of the popularity of the major to organize an exhibition 8-man bracket tournament of SF30th Anniversary to celebrate the upcoming release. Daigo, Alex Valle, Ricky Ortiz and Justin Wong will be 4 of the players whereas the other 4 will be chosen on an on-site auction. Remember that Combo Breaker will be a qualifier for ToL3, you can help with the fundraiser to unlock more Japanese invites. Stream schedule
  • The usual guys in the West Coast got together for some casuals in order to prepare for Combo Breaker. Two hours of stream with Millertime, eltrouble, tomo, Mr Igloo and SilentScope. Stream video
  • WNF in LA had an incredible tournament with Alex Valle, tomo, SilentScope, Millertime and a lot of new players who are leveling up with the game. You can watch the twitch highlight clips for the most hyped moments. Video (with annotations) | Brackets
  • Free Play Arcade run a 2vs2 tournament for their Tuesday Night Fight session. They also have a very interesting setup where you can hear players commentating as they play both in tournaments and casuals. 2vs2 tournament | Casuals
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #78 weekly event. The final this week was between Rakanishu Blanka and H-Zero Old Sagat. Bracket | Video | LeaderboardToL3 qualifiers begin June 4. Email sergjiev@arkadeum.com to get on the pre-registration list.
  • Fromo and Shotosallday recorded some casuals. Both of them have been away from tournaments for a while and hopefully be back soon. It’s also very interesting to hear them talk about tips and game knowledge that they give to each other while they play. Video (with annotations)



  • Stunfest event was back with their ST tournaments. Unfortunately, it suffered from the problem that many multi game events have and only the finals were streamed. We hope that 2X gets more priority in future editions. Top 3 of team tournament was streamed with these teams: Zagi ChunLi, Spiritmad Claw, Solinvictus DJ; Zarghatt ChunLi, Bansheebot Blanka, Eldruz Dictator and Donyann Ken, EVD Cammy, Floodman Ryu. Video (starts at 12:27) | Brackets. The solo tournament had 51 participants and the top 4 was streamed with the following players: Zarghatt ChunLi, Pijo FeiLong, Zagi ChunLi and Bansheebot Blanka. Video (starts at 7:12:32) | Brackets
  • Videos from X-Mania Europe of last week have been now posted on youtube. Solo Top 8 | Teams Top 16 | Teams Top 4


  • STNotW (ST Normal of the Week) by Fudd (aka Noun) DJ and hosted on the Free Play Arcade group. The subject this time is Claw’s slide.
  • Millertime had an interview were she talks about her role with Tournament of Legends, the ST community and the game.
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