X-News Week #31 (May 21st-27th, 2018)

North America

  • Another week another qualified player for Tournament of Legends III. This time from the Combo Breaker tournament which had 113 signed up players. Players who made it to top 8: Millertime Honda, Silentscope Cammy, LordJimmyBones Boxer, Mr Igloo Boxer, Immortal Claw, JigglyNorris FeiLong and the grand final between eltrouble Dhalsim and Alex Valle Ryu. Footage coming from the stream archive: Pools | Top 24 (minute 10:10:00) | Top 8 (minute 2:27:10 with James Chen on the mic) | Brackets | Updated ToL3 poster
  • Combo Breaker also hosted the exhibition tournament of 30th Anniversary. Unfortunately, Daigo wasn’t able to make it for health reasons. ST was featured in quarters between Ricky Ortiz and ShinJn whereas the grand final was between Alex Valle and Justin Wong playing Alpha 3. Video
  • All the aforementioned news were not as big as the real news of the week. Eltrouble and Millertime got engaged on Combo Breaker stage. Some of the tweets with pictures and videos of the magic moment are referenced in the latest STRevival results post. There is the live moment captured in the twitch archive (minute 4:06:40)
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #79 weekly event. The final this week was between x64 and H-ZeroBracket | Video | Leaderboard.
  • Monday Night Fightcade will also start their qualifiers for Tournament of Legends III next week (June 4). Email sergjiev@arkadeum.com to get on the pre-registration list.



  • Extra Life Café in Paris is organizing a 30th anniversary launch party with both PS4 and arcade setups for ST. It will happen on Friday, June 1st.
  • Justin Wong confirmed he will be participating in the Tournament of Legends III qualifier at the VSFighting event in the UK. Registration
  • The small Spanish community run their monthly online tournament on Fightcade. Brackets


  • Everyone is hyped this week about the upcoming 30th Anniversary release. We are looking forward to seeing accurate input lag test results.
  • A new version of Fightcade 2 was released (still in beta) with improvements on netcode and performance.
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