X-News Week #33 (June 4th-10th, 2018)

For those watching a lot of ST on Youtube here are some tips to forward and rewind a movie easily:

  • On your mobile phone app: double tap either on the left or right part of your video to forward or rewind 10 seconds. Keep tapping to move the video even further.
  • On your desktop browser: once your mouse focus is on the video use the left or right arrow keys to forward or rewind 5 seconds. Press ‘L’ to forward 10 seconds.

North America

  • The big news of the week is that Komoda Blanka has been confirmed as the second Japanese invite to Tournament of Legends III. It will be the first time the legendary Blanka goes to America for a tournament.
  • TFC (NC) opened early bird registration last week and now it’s been confirmed as a Tournament of Legends III qualifier. More info
  • Monday Night Fightcade had RenoMD Dictator as the first person to earn a spot in the final top 8 that will take place in a few weeks to decide the Tournament of Legends III qualifier. Eltrouble and Millertime were on the mic to commentate. Bracket | Video. The second person to win the a spot in the top 8 is being played on their stream by the time of this publication with the following standings.
  • Free Play Arcade (TX) uploaded more videos of their recents Tuesday Night Fights. You can also watch some of the clips they have highlighted from their streams.
  • Texas will be hosting an ST tournament @ the Kumite event with the help of some of the organizers of the Free Play tournament. You can register already on their smash page.
  • Game Center in Belmont (CA) will be hosting monthlies again featuring ST. More info
  • Defend the North tournament (NY) has been announced and they will have ST in some shape of form. More details soon on their website.



  • Stunfest official channel posted the videos of the recent edition from few weeks ago.
  • The LNS group in Spain run their first ST tournament with most of the players who attended FOF 2018 and with the creators of Fightcade as guests so they could explain some details about the platform. The final was between Rax Ryu and only88 DJ. The content is in Spanish. Video | Bracket


  • Argentina tournaments are becoming more and more frequent. The last tournament was streamed on the Fighters Argentina channel. The final was between Psikyo Dictator and Morkman_Freeman Boxer. The content is in Spanish. Video | Bracket
  • Bob Sagat, created two more ST animations as he did with DJ a few weeks ago. This time is the turn of Cammy and T. Hawk.
  • Power Button channel has created the first episode of a tutorial series where he will go through mid to low chars in ST. Dictator was his first choice and the video goes in detail about the frame data of the character.
  • Entertaining video from ScrewAttack where they rank the top SF2 versions. ST is ranked #1 so they know what they are talking about.
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