X-News Week #37 (July 2nd-8th, 2018)

North America

  • Chris Delp, one of the masterminds behind the “Free Play Arcade” Super Turbo tournaments is organizing a big ST tournament for July 28-29. There will be cabinets, stream, sponsor and a $600 guaranteed price pool, so it has everything you could wish for. Registration is only $5.
  • EVO will be taking place in a few weeks and the registration is now open. Pre-registration is only $10. Onsite registration will be $40. Remember that this will also be a Tournament of Legends III qualifier. There is also an article on Shoryuken giving more details about the ST event.
  • To warm up for EVO the NorCal guys are organizing an ST tournament in Belmont on Saturday 14. Pre-registration



  • One of the four European qualifiers for Tournament of Legends III will happen this Saturday 14 at Gamespirit in Lyon. The tournament, named ‘La Qualification – Road to TOL3’ will be streamed on LaDOSE channel. Registration link
  • The guys at LaDOSE created a long video that explains the details about the Tournament of Legends III, its history, the European qualifiers and the details about the finals in Canada. The video is in French.
  • The results from tournament in Paris of last Saturday have been posted, with a final between Bazoukha (aka Kalel) Boxer and Toukak Dhalsim. The videos of the finals are also up on youtube. Videos | Bracket
  • The VSFighting tournament organizers have confirmed they will be streaming the tournament at 3WayTV twitch channel. This will be the third European qualifier for Tournament of Legends III and it’s just two weeks away.
  • The organizers of the big European tournament “X Street Battle” have created a registration link for those who want to register early. As a teaser, they are not making it public yet but challenging those with a few Google skills to find it.


  • Something we forgot from the previous weeks. Fighter101 posted an extensive interview of the top player Krost, one of the best shotos in America who was initially known for his Old Ken and then eventually switched to New Ken.
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