X-News Week #39 (July 16th-22nd, 2018)

North America

  • Don’s arcade hosted a Tournament of Legends III qualifier this weekend in LA. Digital Infamy is the new qualifier who fought against Scuzbucket in the finals. Video | Brackets
  • Monday Night Fightcade had Real Decoy Blanka as the sixth person to earn a spot in the final top 8 that will take place in a few weeks to decide the online Tournament of Legends III qualifier. The winner will receive $1000 to help him go to the finals in Canada. Bracket | Video.
  • Next Level Arcade in New York will be hosting a Tournament of Legends III qualifier with the known 2 Old 2 Furious tournament. It will happen this Saturday and will be streamed by Team Sp00ky. Registration link
  • Kumite in Texas/Low Tier city event is happening this weekend with $600 prize pool in the ST tournament. The stream will be on the Free Play Arcade channel.


  • The legend Taira Dictator is pretty much inactive these days attending just one or two majors per year. However, the closing announcement of the arcade in his area, Mat Mouse arcade, was a good excuse for him to show up and participate in the farewell tournament. He came back in fashion an took the tournament full of other top active Tokyo players like Kawamata Boxer, MB Boxer, Shu Ken to name a few. As a curiosity, he only counter-picked in the final with new Sagat instead of Dictator.
  • If the comeback of an old legend like Taira wasn’t enough, Pony Zangief also came back to play a long set against Kawasim Dhalsim. The set was recorded in the Daytona Shiki stream (Kanto) after the main weekly event of few weeks ago. [source: Daytona twitch channel]
  • FT5 set between Superstar Boxer and Kazu Deejay (who was visiting from Osaka) hosted at the Space Shuttle arcade (Chubu). The set had a crazy score and turn out that you will have to check for yourself.
  • Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto). Kotaka Shoten Guile and KKY Dhalsim (who was visiting from Osaka) were the team captains. Really good performances from Choshu Ken, Kawasim Dhalsim and Abebin Honda. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • Gamespot Versus special weekend tournament (Kanto). They did an East vs West format with the twist of giving each player two chances instead of one. Kawasim and Yakitori were the team captains. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between Kawasim Zangief and Shisho Dictator. [source: Daytona twitch channel]
  • Amipara Technoland monthly tournament (Chugoku). Monthly tournament coming from the very west area of Japan, with some nice editing in the introductions of the players at the beginning of the video. [source: Amipara nico channel]
  • Playland F1R 2on2 tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan, unfortunately with no annotations. [source: Playland twitch channel]


  • Justin Wong won VSFighting, the Tournament of Legends III qualifier run in the UK, which ended up having 48 players participating. The next European qualifier will be in France on August 12. Video | Brackets
  • UK/Ireland will have three more ST upcoming events this summer: NFC (Newcastle) on July 28, SFO (Leeds) on August 12, CT/Celtic Throwdown (Dublin, Ireland) on August 25.
  • Registration list for XSB tournament is filling up. The organizers have announced that the second Japanese invite will be revealed when they reach 40 sign ups. Registration | List of Players
  • Toypad is a store in Marselle (France) who organized an ST event to celebrate their 3rd anniversary with some guest players coming from Spain. Geronimo Ryu, XavieF Zangief and Marcade Honda formed the final top 3. Video


  • Bob Sagat who has been doing top quality combo videos for the last years has surpassed himself with probably one of the most elaborate and spectacular videos to date. The video is also full of hacks and tricks that can be performed in-game and even on the character selection screen. Video
  • James Chen has published another video of his series called “FGC History: SF 30th Collection Retrospective”. It’s the 4th part he dedicates to Super Turbo going character by character. In this episode he goes extensively through FeiLong, T. Hawk and DeeJay.
  • Fromo published a video on his channel where he compares the speed between 30AE (on PS4) and the CPS2. One of the final conclusions is that setting the game to Turbo 1 (speed 2 in the menu) will be the closest speed to arcade (the tournament standard is T2 for US version and T3 for Japanese version). However, this speed can’t be changed on online mode which is fixed to Turbo 2.
  • Vega is now available for pre-order at BigBoysToys (with free shipping worldwide) as part of the TNC series collection. It will be released in August.

Also, please check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser at https://www.gofundme.com/legends3 to help support ST Revival with tournament expenses and pick up some awesome Super Turbo related goodies in the process. If you can’t swing a full donation for one of the prizes, a small donation of even a couple of dollars is still greatly appreciated! The next Japanese invite will be unlocked at $1950!

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