ToL III Qualifier Spot Changes

As we draw closer to TOL and players book travel, some qualifiers have let us know that unfortunately, they will be unable to attend the main event in October. In accordance with the rules of TOL, the spots have been offered to the second place finishers at the relevant event:

– Toryuken winner, JED07 will be replaced by runner-up Chi-Rithy.
– Final Round winner, Comeback will be replaced by runner-up Atari.

However, in a couple other cases, the second place finishers have not been able to make the trip either. The TOL committee has decided to address those situations as follows:

Biollo’s spot, from winning La Qualificacion, was put up for grabs at the final French event, The Mixup, meaning that both the first and second place finishers at that event will qualify for TOL. As this event took place this past weekend, the qualifiers were Kouni and DonYann.

The spot from Don’s Arcade, originally won by Digital Infamy, will be converted into an additional Last Chance Qualifier opportunity at Canada Cup, meaning that there are now six LCQ spots at that event.