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Super Turbo to be Featured at CEO 2022!

Super Turbo will be featured in a prime-time spot at CEO 2022, taking place June 24-26th in Daytona Beach, Florida. The tournament will be run on head-to-head candy cabs, and will conclude with Grand Finals on Saturday evening, June 25th. The event also features a 24-hour arcade room. Top players from North America are anticipated to attend, as well as potentially some European and Japanese players, subject to the lifting of travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

In addition, a special teams tournament is anticipated on Friday evening. Sign-ups for the team tournament will be handled separately from the singles tournament.

On Friday-Saturday, the singles tournament will take place. Top 8 will conclude the ST festivities on Saturday night.

Registration is live at so register now!

This schedule may be subject to change:

Date:June 24-26 (Super Turbo)
Friday Evening – Team Tournament
Saturday Evening – Grand Finals
Location:Daytona Beach Ocean Center
101 N Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Hardware:Arcade cabinets
Stream:Pools: AtariFGC
Top 8: CEO Gaming
Rules:Akuma banned.
(Teams) Double Elimination
(Teams) Player must stay with same character for the entire tournament.
(Singles) Double Elimination. Matches are best 3 out of 5 games for the entire tournament.
(Singles) Loser can switch character. Winner stays with character.

North America Action

A couple of tournaments taking place (online) in North America tomorrow Friday:

Date: Friday, August 7 6pm EST (Fightcade 2)


Date: Friday, August 7 9:30pm EST (Fightcade 2)
Warning: It’s New Legacy version. Not ST.
Bracket: TBD

STR Discord #matchmaking channel

The ST Revival team invites everyone to join the new STR Discord server, which we set up to help with matchmaking on online platforms. In particular, with the recent revival of HDR (in Classic mode of course), we thought it could help players line up matches and lobbies.

Depending on how this goes in terms of user adoption, we may add stuff to the Discord, but as of now, the primary purpose is matchmaking across all online platforms (though with a focus on HDR Classic) and it will be moderated as such. Join with the link below, and hope to see you in there!

Join the STR Discord channel

ToL III Qualifier Spot Changes

As we draw closer to TOL and players book travel, some qualifiers have let us know that unfortunately, they will be unable to attend the main event in October. In accordance with the rules of TOL, the spots have been offered to the second place finishers at the relevant event:

– Toryuken winner, JED07 will be replaced by runner-up Chi-Rithy.
– Final Round winner, Comeback will be replaced by runner-up Atari.

However, in a couple other cases, the second place finishers have not been able to make the trip either. The TOL committee has decided to address those situations as follows:

Biollo’s spot, from winning La Qualificacion, was put up for grabs at the final French event, The Mixup, meaning that both the first and second place finishers at that event will qualify for TOL. As this event took place this past weekend, the qualifiers were Kouni and DonYann.

The spot from Don’s Arcade, originally won by Digital Infamy, will be converted into an additional Last Chance Qualifier opportunity at Canada Cup, meaning that there are now six LCQ spots at that event.




With this new year, we bring you a new ToL!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter, we have listened to popular demand, and are happy to announce that we have made big plans to run another TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS! We’re very excited to announce TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III, which will build on the worldwide success of the previous ToLs, held in 2012 and 2014. These events were preceded by qualifier events all around the globe, and that will once again be the case with ToL III.

As you’ve seen in the last couple years, big things have happened in ST at Canada Cup, and to build on that, the Super Turbo Revival Committee has decided to run ToL III at Canada Cup 2018. Rest assured that the committee is working hard to make the third installment of TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS bigger than ever.

Once again, there will be 32 spots for the tournament, the bulk of which will go to qualifiers, with the remaining spots being assigned to Japanese invites. Qualifiers will be held in the US, Canada, France, and the UK, and we have several already locked in, with more to be announced in due course. There will also be a number of last-chance qualifier spots up for grabs at Canada Cup.

Visit the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III page for more information about ToLIII.

Stay tuned to NHC, Twitter, and for the latest updates and announcements, and we hope to see you at ToL III.

New ST Revival Twitter Account

Due to circumstances out of our control, we’ve had to create a new Twitter account for ST Revival so please follow our new account: @ST_Revival1. You may unfollow our old account as it will not be used any longer. Thanks!

Interview section is back up!

The ST Revival interview section is back up on the site.  These interviews feature many old school American greats such as Shirts, Zass, Jumpsuit Jesse.  Some “newer” players such as AfroLegends, Damdai, DGV, eltrouble, Riz0ne, and Shotosallday.  Also Wolmar from Europe, and Japanese legends such as Kusumondo, Otochun, and Aniken.

ST Revival Fourms!

We’ve just launched an ST forum here on ST Revival! Social media has taken over the majority of the ST discussion these days however one of the huge drawbacks is that those discussions become very inaccessible with in a short amount of time. These forums are not meant to replace those discussions but rather to supplement the ST community so that informational discussions can be archived here and be easily accessed for future reference.

So come on in, register, discuss and enjoy!

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STR Site Redesign

Hey everyone,

The STR site is being redesigned but I wanted to get the site back up ASAP. Most of the sections aren’t back up yet but the News, Calendar, About, and Contact pages are back up. The other sections will slowly be back up in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience!