X-News Week #51 (October 8th-14th, 2018)


  • This Saturday is the very last ToL3 qualifier at East Coast Throwdown in NJ. Bracket.
  • Tournament of Legends III event will be next week at Canada Cup finally! 97 players already registered for the on-site qualifiers (minus the already classified players).
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #99 weekly event with Kela420 and H-Zero in the finals. Bracket | Video
  • SSF2T Argentina had their #13 event. Stream video | Bracket


  • X-er major took place last weekend at Big-One arcade (Kanto). The format of this tournament is a 2vs2 and only those players who never won a major before are allowed to participate. There is the raw stream available on youtube. Another video with proper annotations will be published in the coming days. Stream | Brackets
  • Two FT10 at Gamespot Versus arcade (Kanto) from their Komonomochi series. Shu Ken vs. Munari Sagat (video) and the guest players from other areas: Nullpoga Old Ken vs. Spirytus Boxer (video) [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • An FT5 coming from MAO-db at Space Shuttle arcade (Chubu) between Bon Boxer and Futachan Ryu (video). Bon is visiting from the Gifu Oasis arcade, also in the Chubu area.
  • Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto). Tencho Ryu and Seo ChunLi were the team captains. Annotations in video description. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • North vs South weekly team tournament #99 from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai). Otochun ChunLi and KKY Dhalsim face each other in the decisive match. Player name annotations on screen both in Japanese and English. (Live stream every Monday night – Japan time).
  • Game Newton Ooyama special team tournament (Kanto). 2vs2 format. Yuuvega Dictator and Seo ChunLi face each other in the decisive match. Annotations in video description. [source: Ooyama nico channel]
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between Nakano Cammy and Nakajima Guile. Annotations in video description. [source: Daytona twitch channel – live stream on Friday nights (Japan time)]
  • Playland F1R 2on2 tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan. No annotations. September 29October 3 and October 10 editions. [source: Playland twitch channel]


  • XSB Tournament took place last weekend. Koemon FeiLong was the MVP of the tournament taking both solo and teams. The top European team formed by Zagi, Balcork and Spinalblood also had an outstanding performance by sending the Japanese team to losers. The videos were uploaded to youtube super fast. Highlights and edited versions with annotations of the footage will be uploaded in the coming days. Commentary is done by Isimorn, mostly in English. Solo Tournament: Video | Bracket. Team Tournament: Video (Top 3) | Bracket
  • Right after the XSB tournaments there were a series of FT5 exhibition matches between Japanese players and European players: Murasaki vs Spinalblood (video), Koemon vs Spinalblood (video), Murasaki vs Zarghatt (video), Koemon vs Myco (video), Kawasim vs Myco (video), Zarghatt vs TMF (video).
  • World Warriors will be hosting an ST tournament in Manchester (UK) this Saturday. More info
  • An unknown organization who is keeping their identity hidden for now is organizing an event in Europe. There are some teasers in their newly created twitter account.


  • WydD is back to continue his extensive input lag analysis. This time he includes the numbers for the CPS2 version. A detailed article will come soon as well.
  • The legendary undamned is working on a mini project called InfiniKey-CPS2. He is using the recently discovered method to inject the security key into the RAM and making it as a nice polished product. With this PCB we can forget about replacing batteries in our CPS2s.

Also, please check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser at https://www.gofundme.com/legends3 to help support ST Revival with tournament expenses and pick up some awesome Super Turbo related goodies in the process. If you can’t swing a full donation for one of the prizes, a small donation of even a couple of dollars is still greatly appreciated!

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