X-News Week #53 (October 22nd-28th, 2018)


  • Tournament of Legends III last chance qualifiers. Makiri Ken, LordJimmyBones Boxer, Nakano Sagat ChunLi, Damdai Old Ryu, Alex Valle Ryu, Thelo Honda were the final qualifiers. Video (2 parts, annotations in video description) | Brackets | Full poster
  • Tournament of Legends III top 32. Video (6 parts, no annotations) | Bracket
  • Tournament of Legends III top 8. Stream (starts at 6:06:55) | Bracket | Results
  • Canada Cup 3vs3 team tournament took place on Friday. Video (up to top 3, annotations in video description) | Top 3 stream (starts at 5:35:20) | Bracket | Results
  • Upcoming uploads very soon: offstream ToL3 top 32 matches (losers bracket), missed top 32 matches due to stream disconnections, special post event FT5s where you will be able to see Ultracombo New Sagat vs Komoda Blanka, Damdai Old Ryu vs Mattsun Old Ken among other matches.
  • Previous to the event, the French players who were coming for ToL3 had a set of casuals with some Toronto local players. Atari posted the stream of the event. No sound.
  • Clips and video highlights from the tournament are already being posted like this small compilation with some Daigo moments from ToL3 or this other clip showing the silly damage of ChunLi’s throw (at the end of the clip). There is a full list of clips extracted from the stream.
  • James Chen and Ultra David interviewed (starts at 1:09:00) Atari and Millertime to talk about the ToL3 details (pre-event), they also reviewed (starts at 55:45) the results after the event.
  • LordJimmyBones Boxer probably had his best performance to date making it to the final top 8. At the same time he wanted to make a public announcement, through this X-News, that he is retiring from the game as he needs more time for other games and streaming tasks. Surely he does it on a high note due to his last performance. However, we all know that nobody ever really retires from ST.
  • As a highlight, the representation at ToL3 was really outstanding. Players who represented so many communities from Japan, Mexico, Canada, France, UK, Spain, NorCal, SoCal, East Coast, Texas and many more areas; online players who recently joined offline tournaments; old school players like Valle, Choi, or even from Japan like Nakano Sagat and Foosuke (even if it was for casuals); players coming from other games like Yuuki (3S and yoyo master) and many more others we might forget.
  • Psychochronic posted a lot of pictures of the weekend in Canada, most of them ToL3 related. Friday, Saturday and Sunday pics.
  • The community in Mexico announced a big offline tournament for 2019. For now there is only a trailer (facebook video) but no more details. Players who will be present are: djfrijoles, robbies, ar/elliot, yito2k, h-zero and many others. The location is the place you would go if you escape from a prison: Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.
  • Free Play Arcade will run a charity event on November 3 where ST and other games will be part of a 25 hour marathon for a good cause. Stream | Donation link | Event info
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #101 weekly event with RenoMD and H-Zero in the finals. Bracket | Video



  • The guys from Loriol du Comtat (Avignon) took advantage that some French players are visiting the area on November 3 and decided to make an ST tournament with several players like Myco, DonYann, Bhaji Quan, Geronimo1979, Marcade, XavieF, GPR and Guileman. There is no stream available but top 3 video might be posted afterwards.
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