X-News Week #54 (October 29th-November 4th, 2018)


  • Tournament of Legends III top 32 offstream matches have been posted on youtube. They are the matches from the losers bracket. Annotations in video description. Video | Bracket
  • A series of FT5 between top players who were at ToL3 have been posted on youtube. They mostly occurred post event on Sunday night. Ultracombo New Sagat vs Komoda Blanka (video), Damdai Old Ryu vs Mattsun Old Ken (video), DonYann Ken vs KillerMiller Honda (video), Kusumondo Honda vs eltrouble Dhalsim (video), Makiri Ken vs KillerMiller Honda (video), Ultracombo New Sagat vs Mattsun Ken (video), Murasaki Dictator vs Zoolander DeeJay (video). Plus some extra casuals (video).
  • Upcoming uploads very soon: missed top 32 matches due to stream disconnections.
  • Free Play Arcade run the 24 hour marathon for the charity event last weekend. The ST tournament was part of it and it had 57 players (!!). The final was between Yuuki and NounStream (starts at 12:46:00, be aware it’s a 24 hour video) | Bracket
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #102 weekly event with x64 and Scuzbucket in the finals. Bracket | Video



  • An FT5 between Forteuropa Dictator (from Sweden) and GolcarJack Guile (from the UK). (video [aspect ratio corrected])
  • The tournament at Loriol du Comtat (Avignon) from last weekend had a final between DonYann Ken and Geronimo1979 Dhalsim. Video (Top 3). No bracket.
  • The mysterious organizers from the FactorX trailer are HFSPlay, the same people that co-organized X-Mania Europe in 2018. X-Mania is a license that won’t be used anymore and FactorX is the new name. Expect it to be one of the majors in Europe in 2019 with many cabinets, top players and quality organization. First announcement
  • The guys from Navarcade who organized the Fightcade Offline Festival are bringing four H2H sets to the RetroBarcelona event (Spain) on December 1. There will be a big ST tournament there, also with some players visiting from France. Stream | Registration
  • The next ranking battle event at Extra Life Cafe in Paris (France) will be on November 18. Event info
  • Well Playd Winter event in Newcastle (UK) will have an ST event on November 17. Registration
  • In order to promote the French 2X Discord DonYann created 4 different online tournaments. One for each week from now until xmas and each of them with a different format (not revealed so far). More info
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