1 Year of X-News. Super Turbo around the world 2017-2018

1 year: October 23rd, 2017 – October 28th, 2018

My motivation

X-News started on October 30 2017, just after Canada Cup 2017. My first goal with such publication was to connect the several small scenes of the game that many times miss each other news and have no clue what’s going on at the other side of the ocean. Still, English publications are not very accessible to the Japanese community but I already heard some players who follow us and praise the effort.

A side effect of having this publication is that compilations like this can be done relatively easy. Unfortunately, we know how twitch archive works so many links were broken and had to be fixed, if possible. We strongly encourage all TOs to back up all tournament footage to youtube. Also, don’t start a youtube channel if you are not planning to keep it accessible ‘forever’.

The structure of the X-News has been always the same: America, Japan, Europe and Others sections. A bullet list format but with a small summary so you know what the content behind the links is. Player names always in bold. If there are youtube videos that are accessible (instead of twitch or niconico) then the links to the original sources are also posted. We are going to break all these rules in this special post though.

Before going with the annual summary I want to specially thank XGamerz and the mysterious owner of the SSF2T channel (we only know he is from Brazil) for their constant work of keeping all the information organized and available for the community. Thanks to the TOs in Japan for allowing us to re-post their content, prioritizing accessibility over copyright. Thanks Kuroppi for making STRevival the home of the X-News. Needless to say, thanks to all the TOs and contributors around the world for sending me information about their events and for posting them mainly on facebook which makes my work less complicated. Also, thanks Papasi, just because.

Warning to mobile users: open youtube links below with the browser instead of the youtube app. Otherwise some links with search filters and direct timestamps won’t work.

Links marked with [JCC] have James Chen commentary.


Best News of the year

Old school legends showing up to tournaments

AfroLegends coming back from retirement since 2014

Other great facts

Worst News of the year

Japanese arcades closing:

  • Yokohama’s Mat Mouse arcade in Tokyo (staff now works at Bigmouth arcade).
  • Ikebukuro’s Ramble Plaza in Tokyo (Update: apparently Mikado owns the arcade now so it was an owner change only).
  • Amuseum Kusatsu Game Center located between Osaka and Nagoya.


Capcom being more active than other years


Majors around the world

Other majors

Majors in Japan

Other special events in Japan

Online tournaments

Weekly events

Monthly events

Other streamed gatherings – irregular

FTX series



Documentaries related to Super Turbo



Community projects

Hardware projects


Combo videos and compilations



Final Note

Several years in the past had plenty of memorable events, like in 2014 when it was the 20th anniversary of the game, but nobody put those facts together and not many people remember the many things that happened. I didn’t want that to happen again.

I hope these publications give a better perspective to the pessimists about the many things that are going on with ST which is far from dead, as they say.

Our community and numbers can’t be compared to modern e-sport communities but having a smaller community has also advantages. We are strongly bound to the arcade hardware and a generation from the 90s so we don’t know how much longer this will last so let’s enjoy every bit of it in the meantime.

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