X-News Week #59 (December 3rd-9th, 2018)


  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #107 weekly event with ScuzBucket and RenoMD in the finals. Bracket | Video
  • Long Sets and Danisen Preview (twitch) run at Super Turbo Richardson in Texas last week.
  • Latest monthly Norcal Crabattle session with ST included. Stream (ST starts at 2:15:00) | Bracket
  • Toronto Top Tiers weekly tournament with a final between Unessential and Pestro. Video | Brackets



  • The guys from Navarcade in Spain announced the dates of the Fightcade Offline Festival 2019.
  • BatCade at Strasbourg (France) is closing this week and organized a farewell tournament with 51 players showing up. The final was between Zarghatt ChunLi and Milanea Honda. Video of the final (facebook link) | Bracket


  • BobSagat and his infinite creativity made a video where ST characters swap their moves. You will have to see to believe it.
  • Mikado owner was interviewed (in Japanese) where he talks among other things the take over of the Ikebukuro’s Ramble Plaza arcade and the situation of the arcades in Japan.
  • Sanwa announced a version of a removable stick that doesn’t require changing the hardware characteristics you are used to. Hopefully, Seimitsu might build something similar too.
  • Alex Valle made a proposal on twitter where he encourages FGC scenes around the world to make a video and send it to him.
  • The guys at Gfinity posted a short film with some guys ‘entering’ the SF2 game.
  • Singapore weekly tournament. East vs West format. Annotations in video description.
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