X-News Week #65 (January 14th-20th, 2019)


  • Frosty Faustings run an ST tournament with 52 players. Bracket | Top 8. James Chen was in the commentary of the very last games. He also did a kumite afterwards (aka The Chen Challenge) where he played and commentated at the same time (lol) while he was sharing some curiosities of the game with the audience and the players.
  • Third installment of Super Turbo Showdown has been announced. It will be hosted in Toronto on March 30th. There will be both teams (3vs3) and Singles events and also a Matcherino campaign during the event to raise the prize pool. Registration | Matcherino campaign
  • The ST community in Chile run a tournament with RZP taking the victory. Bracket | Finals video
  • Norcal Crabattle has announced their monthly ST tournament for January 26 at 6pm. Registration | Matcherino campaign
  • There are three more videos available from the facebook live streams of the ST ranking battle run in Brazil. Stream list
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #111 weekly event with GrayInvader and x64 in the finals. Bracket | Video


  • Star Cup Tournament is confirmed to happen in 2019 and it will also have many qualifiers in the main 3 areas of Japan. Last time something of this sort happened was in 2014. The format seems to be even closer to the American style of tournaments: FT3 with possible counter picks although we are still not sure if the players are forced to say what characters they are going to use in the tournament beforehand. There were 5 qualifiers run in one week alone. We are going to list both the results and the upcoming qualifiers:
    1. January 14 @ Neyagawa ABC in Osaka. Final: KKY (Dhalsim/Boxer) vs Hazi (DeeJay/O.Hawk). Annotations in video description.
    2. January 19 @ Enjoy Paradise (Enpara) in Osaka. Qualifier #1. Final: Aniken (Boxer) vs KKY (Dhalsim). Annotations in video description. [source: Ando’s twitch channel]
    3. January 19 @ Enjoy Paradise (Enpara) in Osaka. Qualifier #2. Final: Murasaki (Dictator) vs Wada (Sagat). Annotations in video description. [source: Ando’s twitch channel]
    4. January 19 @ Play Spot BigOne in Tokyo. Final: Cloiwan (Honda) vs Alabama (Boxer). Annotations in first comment.
    5. January 20 @ Game Spot Versus in Tokyo. Final: Nikaiten (Honda/Boxer) vs Alabama (Boxer). Annotations in video description. [source: GSV twitch channel]
    6. Upcoming: January 27 @ VGM Robot in Fukaya.
    7. Upcoming: February 2 @ Daytona Shiki in Tokyo.
    8. Upcoming: February 3 @ Space Shuttle in Nagoya. Qualifier #1.
    9. Upcoming: February 10 @ Space Shuttle in Nagoya. Qualifier #2.
    10. Finals: February 23 @ Space Shuttle in Nagoya.
  • Special singles tournament at Space Shuttle (Chubu). Japanese ‘brutal’ singles format with FT1. Final between Yondaime Old Sagat and ARG Claw. The old school players might be happy to see the final outcome.
  • An FT10 from the X-Count series run at the Enpara arcade in Osaka (Kansai). Gunze Zangief vs Wada Sagat. For some reason it was played back in November but published now.
  • Special FT10 called X-Count Rookies at Enpara (Kansai) meant to be played by beginners. Torneko Zangief vs Takashikyo Old Ken. After the FT10 there is an extra tournament with the top players but there are no annotations of it.
  • An FT5 at Game Spot Versus (Kanto) between Tsunoppi Guile and Nia Honda.
  • Game Spot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto). East vs West format. Kawasim Dhalsim and Kotaka Shoten Guile as team captains. Annotations in video description. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • North vs South weekly team tournament #113 from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai). Mori Boxer and Otochun ChunLi face each other in the decisive match. Player name annotations on screen both in Japanese and English. [source: Shogatsu’s youtube channel – live stream every Monday night – Japan time)]
  • Game Spot Versus special weekend tournament (Kanto). 2vs2 format. Annotations in video description. [source: GSV twitch channel – live stream every Saturday night (Japan time)]
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between Cellotape Zangief and Gucchi Blanka. Annotations in video description. [source: Daytona twitch channel – live stream on Friday nights (Japan time)]
  • Playland F1R tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan. With a special format this week: only Ryu vs Honda match allowed for all players. No annotations. [source: Playland twitch channel]


  • Rival Scenes event in Leeds (UK) run a 3vs3 2X tournament. Golcarjack Guile, dagV ChunLi and Kungfoo ChunLi were the members of the winning team. Brackets | Top 4 stream (minute 04:33:50)
  • Extra life cafe in Paris run another event of their ranking battle series. With an amazing final between Zagi ChunLi and Max31 Cammy. Bracket | Stream
  • The guys from LaDose uploaded a kumite of MonPoteVincent Boxer run two weeks ago at Gamespirit arcade.
  • The MixUp tournament is now open for registration. The event will be on April 20-21 in Lyon.



  • Daigo was invited, along with other new school players, to play an exhibition of ST (among other games) in order to promote the Hi Score Girl anime. Timestamps: Rere Guile vs Itabashi Zangief (00:00), Haitani Ryu vs Itabashi Zangief (03:21), Haitani Ryu vs Daigo Ryu (07:01), Itabashi Zangief vs Daigo Guile (10:16). Bonus: you can listen to the full soundtrack of the anime.
  • Super Turbo Normal of the Week is back! The first one of 2019 is about Cammy’s crouching medium punch. You can also check all the previous publications.
  • Loïc *WydD* Petit has published the details of his advanced method to measure input lag so all the tech-savvies out there can apply the same method for more devices.
  • Fromo has published a quick round with KO at 93 seconds. Last year we had Shotosallday (video) and oldschool_br (video) doing the same. We are still looking for someone able to record a 94 second one.
  • AfroLegends announced that his plan this year is to go to Japan for the first time and participate in the X-EST tournament.
  • Sophiedreamy is an artist from France who decided to draw the 17 characters of the game and make live streams of the process. The videos are from 2017 but we happened to run into them now. Playlist
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