X-News Week #68 (February 4th-10th, 2019)


  • The East Coast Spring Series 4 qualifier was run in NYC with a final between Damdai and TechMonkeyBracketPart 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Top 4
  • The West Coast qualifier will be run at Don’s arcade in LA on February 16. Top 3 of the tournament will qualify for Spring Series 4 at Free Play Arcade in Texas. Event Info | Stream channel
  • NorCal Crabattle run their February edition with a final between Myung and RusselCasse. Stream (starts at 1:33:00).
  • Lost Ark arcade in North Carolina will be running a tournament on ST 25th anniversary date, February 23rd. Event info | Stream channel
  • Retro Night is back at Defend The North 2019 in New York. July 19-21. Starting prize pool of $250 courtesy of CitiGaming and powered by Matcherino. Event info and registration
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #112 weekly event with RenoMD Dictator and x64 in the finals. Bracket | Video



  • Zarghatt ChunLi and Donyann Ken have been announced as invited players for the FactorX tournament at HFS in France. More info
  • Extra Life Cafe in Paris will run a qualifier for HFS this weekend where the first 2 will get the spot. Golcarjack and Myco are likely to travel there for the spot. Sunday 17 at 3pm CEST. Stream | More info
  • A bunch of players have been now confirmed for the Fightcade Offline Festival in Spain (April 5-7). Seven Japanese players with different game specialities. For 2X there will be the two players who contributed to the game footage of the High Score Girl manga: TMF Zangief and TZW Guile. SpinalBlood Sagat from Italy has been confirmed as well.
  • First attack group have announced they will be running an ST tournament by the end of July at Morlaix (Bretagne, France). The exact dates are still TBD and they are working on bringing a Japanese guest. First attack facebook group


  • Super Turbo Normal of the Week with E. Honda’s crouching light kick. [previous publications]
  • Capcom has released the music of several games on Spotify including ST. ST Playlist | More info
  • Arcade Shop has released the special stickers of the 2X logo that they created for the last EVO.
  • Capcom Japan has released several merchandising products related to Street Fighter on their website. One of the products is a 17 keychains with all the characters of ST with the chibi drawing style.
  • Someone on twitter has created an unofficial 2X wallpaper based on the design of the aforementioned keychains.
  • Displaced Gamers channel has released a detailed video about the 4:3 aspect ratio in CPS1 and CPS2 systems. They explain many of the myths and questions asked from players, why CRT don’t use pixels, how console ports found workarounds to other systems or why the native resolution of the games is different than the ones shown in the arcade screen, etc.
  • Brook has released their first full featured stick with their popular PCB inside. It comes with a removable lever as well. The stick will be presented at EVO Japan.
  • Hori has released a series of compact sticks meant for nintendo switch and PS3/4.
  • Arcade Paradise Shop has released several JAMMA related products. One of them is a switcher board that can be controlled from the joystick panel.
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