X-News Week #71 (February 25th-March 3rd, 2019)


  • The ONE – Retro Fighting Game Tournament in Vegas is coming up this Saturday with a 2X tournament. Schedule | Stream (Saturday 4pm PST) | Bracket
  • There is a newly created channel at the STR Discord server to help with matchmaking on online platforms. In particular, with the recent revival of HDR (in Classic mode of course).
  • DjFrijoles has given more details of the big tournament they are organizing in Mexico. Besides all the big local players Ultracombo might go to the tournament as well. It will take place on June 1st at Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Guerrero.
  • The community in Argentina ran a stream to announce the rules and details of their upcoming 2nd national ST league.
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum ran their #116 weekly event with RealDecoy Blanka and Hokuto Claw in the finals. Bracket | Video



  • LaDOSE monthly ranking battle has been posted. Final between Bansheebot Blanka and Hiroki Ryu who was visiting from Tokyo. Bracket | Video. Annotations in the video description.
  • Marcade Honda kumite recorded by the LaDOSE crew in France.
  • Footage and results from the recent 2X tournamet at Konbo, Edinburgh, UK. Bracket | Videos
  • Extra Life Cafe in Paris uploaded their last ranking battle to Youtube. We already talked about the details in the past while it was on Twitch. Brackets | Part 1 | Part 2. No annotations. They also announced the details of the upcoming ranking battle for march.


  • The RetroRGB crew published a detailed page (with video included) of everything you wanted to know about capturing game video which applies to those who have been setting up recording hardware to capture ST. A must read.
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