X-News Week #72 (March 4th-March 10th, 2019)


  • The ONE – Retro Fighting Game Tournament took place on Saturday in Vegas with a final between Justin Wong ChunLi and eltrouble Dhalsim. Bracket | Video
  • 4th meet up organized in NYC featuring TechMonkey, SuperrV, MegamanX, GreenTea, Zoolander, The Chief, and EtotheNGVideo
  • Toronto Top Tiers streamed the ST tournament run at CEC2019 with a final between Redeyeguy DeeJay and Pestro ChunLi. BracketsVideo (minute 9:01:25)
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum ran their #118 weekly event with Hokuto Claw and TechnicalMonkey ChunLi in the finals. Bracket | Video




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