X-News Week #82 (May 13th-19th, 2019)


  • Texas showdown took place last weekend with a final between Enforcer and CVital. [Brackets | Pools stream | Top 8 | Extra footage: Enforcer vs Yuuki Losers and Winners]
  • Combo Breaker is coming up this weekend with more than 100 players registred for ST. The stream schedule has several streamer channels and time slots from Friday to Sunday. [Schedule chart | Brackets]
  • EVO ST tournament details have been announced including having side stream stage for top 4. [Details and registration]
  • Free Play announced a local summer tournament with Fromo Blanka as the first registered guest. [Details and registration]
  • Dbostick Super Turbo Dojo online sessions archived on Youtube. [Part 1 | Part 2]


  • FTX at Game Spot Versus in Tokyo (Kanto) between Shu Ken vs. Komoda Blanka. [Video]
  • Special Yondaime‘s Kumite using both new and old Sagat. Played on 30AE against online players. TMF and Nogyo among them. [Video]
  • Game Spot Versus weekly team tournament in Tokyo (Kanto). East vs West format. Kawamata Ryu and Cloiwan Honda as team captains. Annotations in the video description. [Video | source: GSV youtube channel]
  • North vs South weekly team tournament #129 from the HL-SEGA arcade in Osaka (Kansai). Hosted by Ando. Annotations on screen in Japanese only. [Part 1 | Part 2]
  • Game Spot Versus special weekend tournament in Tokyo (Kanto). 2vs2 format. Annotations in the video description. [Video | source: GSV twitch channel – live stream every Saturday night (Japan time)]
  • Weekly online session called Gian Recital. Played on 30AE. Hosted by Gian [Part1 | Part 2]


  • Ladosenet will be hosting the next monthly ranking battle this Sunday with some players visiting from Paris. [Event information]
  • Er Commander made some re-stream of the last Kakerugo tournament in Japan and commentated it in French. [Video]


  • Super Turbo Normal of the Week with Honda’s jumping heavy kick as part of the cross-up series. [Article | Previous publications]
  • We forgot to post Mongolorobocop ST podcast links for the past weeks:
    • Episode 5 with KillerMiller [Link]
    • Episode 4 with Fromo [Link]
    • Episode 3 with DngsPapercut [Link]
    • Episode 2 with Chris Delp [Link]
  • Someone recorded Mayakon’s hands executing sako ticks + hajiki screws + 720s. [Link]
  • As he already did last week, three more Hawk techniques showcased in Moocus channel. [Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3]
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