X-News Week #85 (June 3rd-9th, 2019)


  • The tournament in Mexico from a few weeks ago has been posted to youtube thanks to Hokuto. With all the best players from the country. Final between Yito2k Dhalsim and Hokuto Claw. Timestamps in the video description. [Bracket | Tournament video | Special FT5]
  • Art Sanchez has posted the top 24 from to top 8 video of Combo Breaker with an outstanding 4K/60fps quality. James Chen on the mic. Timestamps in the video description. [Video]
  • ST Kids Tournament at Free Play Arcade. Final between Sonic Matt and Candice. No sound. Annotations on screen. [Bracket | Video]
  • Norcal Crabattle monthly tournament with a final between Kamata Ryu (Japanese player who temporarily moved to the US, NOT Kawamata Ryu) and Myung Claw. The organizers promised they will start posting the tournaments to youtube so the footage doesn’t get lost anymore. [Brackets | Stream (starts at 2:43:20)].
  • Apparently, the community in Seattle has been running monthly tournaments for a while and they just started to post the finals of the tournaments to youtube as well. [Last month finals | Past streams].
  • Two ST tournaments have been announced to happen in Ohio in the upcoming weeks. One in Columbus on July 27 [info and registration]. The other one in Fairfield on July 15 [info and registration].
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum ran their #130 weekly event with Scuzbucket ChunLi and x64 Honda in the finals. [Bracket | Video]
  • Dbostick‘s weekly Super Turbo Dojo online session archived on Youtube, played on Fightcade. [Video]


  • FT10 from the KomonoMichi Series at Game Spot Versus in Tokyo (Kanto) between Kyouju Dhalsim vs. Haku Cammy. [Video]
  • FT5 at Space Shuttle arcade in Nagoya (Chubu). Cloiwan Honda vs Murasaki Dictator (visiting from Osaka). [Video]
  • Game Spot Versus weekly team tournament #488 in Tokyo (Kanto). East vs West format. Hide ChunLi and Shogatsu Old Honda as team captains. Annotations in the video description. [Video | source: GSV youtube channel]
  • North vs South weekly team tournament #132 from the HL-SEGA arcade in Osaka (Kansai). Player name translations in the video description. [Part 1, Part 2]
  • Game Newton Ooyama special team tournament in Tokyo (Kanto). Team tournament (2vs2) with the presence of strong players from Tokyo. Timestamps in the video description. [Video | source: Ooyama nico channel]
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament in Tokyo (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between Haku Cammy and XSPR Ryu. Timestamps in the video description. [Video | source: Daytona twitch channel – live stream on Friday nights (Japan time)]
  • Special team battle at the Sun Seibu arcade in Hamamatsu (Chubu). Player names in English on screen. [Video]
  • Playland F1R tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan. [Video | source: Playland twitch channel]
  • Weekly online tournament hosted by Gian, called Gian Recital, played on 30th anniversary. [Video]


  • Reflect tournament in London will take place this weekend. We have been told the tournament will be streamed at 3WayTV channel. [Registration]
  • Isimorn posted the offstream matches from the last Stunfest (basically the whole tournament). Team tournament [part 1, part 2, part 3]. Solo tournament [part 1, part 2, part 3].


  • Weekly sessions from the arcade in Singapore. 4vs4 format. Timestamps in the video description. [Video]


  • Super Turbo Normal of the Week with Blanka’s standing roundhouse as part of the Roundhouse Month. [Article | Previous publications]
  • Klimax made a half an hour video tutorial dedicated to Boxer. [Tweet]
  • Moocus posted yet another Hawk tutorial. [Video]
  • Someone on twitter has posted a demonstration video on how to optimize damage of Ryu’s air juggle + super combo. [Tweet]
  • As per some user’s requests Mongorobocop started to post his podcasts to his youtube channel. [Link]
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