Offline ST Set-Up Guide

  1. Dreamcast can be difficult to get high quality sticks (arcade controllers) for.
  2. PC/Mac Emulation has added “Controller Lag” due to “poll rate = how often a USB device sends information to a computer).
  3. To run ShmupMame on Mac, you have to use Bootcamp (a free tool from apple) to resize the partition of your hard drive to install Windows 7 on it and dual boot Windows & OSX. Macbook Bootcamp running Windows 7 is the same as a Windows laptop running Windows; there is no speed penalty.
  4. For running ShmupMame on PC, a core2duo 2.0ghz+ is the minimal suggested requirement for performance speed.
  5. When using a monitor with unknown lag, assume an LCD monitor has +1 lag and a flatscreen TV has +2 lag.