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Geriatric Warfare ST Results

Quick results from Super Arcade:

24 entries

1. Mike Watson (Boxer, O. Sagat)
2. DGV (Ryu)
3. eltrouble (Dhalsim)
4. Shotosallday (Zangief, Ken)
5. MuffinMan (Dee Jay, Sagat, Ryu)
5. Sin (Guile)

Super Arcade and IEBattlegrounds Present: Geriatric Warfare Vol. 1 – Feb 1st

IEBattleGrounds and Super Arcade are hosting a “Geriatric Warfare” Tournament on February 1st that includes Super Turbo, SFA2, CvS2 and MvC2!  Full details have now been released:


Facebook Event Page

The old people are back! and they are about to show you new kids how its done.

February 1st 2014 we are gathering 4 of the communities together to bring you this throwback tournament

Game Lineup:

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2



Super Arcade
1211 N. Grand Ave
Walnut CA,

Entry Fee:

$5.00 Per Game and a $5.00 Venue Fee

Please note that SFA2 & SSF2T will be held on the UNDAMED CpS-2 system and they are BYOC!  The system is compatible with all your Xbox 360 & PS3 USB controllers.

CvS2 will be on PlayStation 2 hardware.

MvC2 will be on Dreamcast.

So make sure you bring your appropriate fightsticks or controllers please.

Tournament Schedule:

SSF2X – 5:00 PM
SFA2 – 6:00 PM
CvS2 – 7:00 PM
MvC2 – 8:00 PM

Online Brackets will be available at
The event will be streamed at

And please remember to Bring Your Own Controllers!