Super Turbo Mods

During the covid days some people had more time in their hands to make a substantial progress with projects they have been working for a while.

Here are three projects with recent public releases:

New Legacy Version

[Beta. Author: Born2SPD]

A version of ST with many fixes and rebalances built over the last 5 years. The goal was to create a fun “side” version of the game as a tribute to ST. It’s not meant as a replacement. Old characters’ changes are heavily inspired in HF.

Download and instructions


[Author: Zass]

An alternative color set for ST. With the help of the community and Zass’ self-made tools they created 10 alt colors for each character.

Download and instructions

30th Anniversary Speed Patch

[Author: Angel_Killah]

A patch that fixes the speed of ST in 30th Anniversary PC version to the standard speed used in tournaments.

Download (instructions in the README.txt of

Making them work together

The “coincidence” of having the 3 projects released almost at the same time allowed the authors to work with each other to enhance their respective projects.

The 30th Anniversary patch added features in order to include the New Legacy game as a selectable option. In turn, the SuperTurboAltColors set can be included in both ST and New Legacy ROMs (both in Fightcade and 30th) and the New Legacy project added a selection of the set as additional colors on top of the ST ones (available on the 0.4 version – coming soon).

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